Ocoee appoints members to Charter Review Commission

The Charter Review Commission will be in charge of rectifying the language in the elections chapter of the charter.

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The Ocoee City Commission appointed the members of the Charter Review Commission during its Tuesday, May 16, meeting. 

The Charter Review Commission will consist of five members, two alternate members and a facilitator. Those include Lou Forges (District 1), Thomas Lowrie (District 2), Derrick Chacon (District 3), Jim Sills (District 4), Adam Lovejoy (Mayor), and alternates Fannie MacTavish and Kelton Butler. The facilitator is attorney Richard Geller, and the recording secretary is Melanie Sibbitt.

The Charter Review Commission will be responsible of conducting a comprehensive study of any phrases written in the City Charter that may need revision. 

After the postponing of the special election that would provide citizens the opportunity to elect a new District 4 commissioner, the commission felt compelled to call for the appointment of a Charter Review Commission for it to review the language within the residency requirements, elections and vacancies chapters of the city charter. 

According to the City Charter, “The Charter Review Commission shall transmit its proposed report with Charter amendments in ordinance form to the City Commission for comment. The City Commission shall, within 45 days of receipt, review the report. If the City Commission has comments or recommendations, the City Commission will return its comments or recommendations, if any, to the Charter Review Commission within the same 45-day period.” 



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