Double-duty: Horizon player moonlights for the marching band

For Evan Reinhart, Friday nights during football season are much more than just football. It’s the moment when he gets to enjoy doing two of the things for which he is most passionate — playing footba

Friday nights are a little busier for Evan Reinhart than for the rest of his teammates.
Friday nights are a little busier for Evan Reinhart than for the rest of his teammates.
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Horizon High School junior offensive tackle Evan Reinhart does much more than just play football on Friday nights — he also plays the trumpet for the Horizon marching band during halftime. 

“It’s different, because you go from hitting people on the field to immediately trying to memorize all that is going on on the field at halftime,” he said. 

Evan, 16, or “Big E” — as he is known to his teammates — started playing the trumpet when he was in sixth grade.  And although he played baseball, it wasn’t until he began high school that he stepped onto a football field for the first time.

“We wouldn’t let him play when he was younger,” his mom, Melissa Reinhart, said. “He grew so fast, and (football) is a contact sport, obviously. In baseball, they can run into (one another), but it’s not a contact sport. We were afraid, because he grew so fast, that he would get hurt. … Musically, (when) he started playing his trumpet in sixth grade, I personally think it was sort of the turning point in his education.” 

Ever since his freshman year, Big E has been playing his heart out alongside his teammates and giving his all during marching band performances at halftime. 

“I love the environment (of both),” he said. “To me, games are just, ‘Can we go out and beat this team?’ … Sometimes, I just go into the band performance and forget everything that just happened and focus on that. I’m not worried about making a mistake when marching but definitely when playing the music.” 

For Big E, being successful in both extracurricular activities is all about time management. 

“It’s knowing he has to be at football from this time to this time and then, being in band and knowing he has to pick up where they are and learn whatever it is they’ve already learned when they have breaks,” Melissa Reinhart said. “He’s pretty good at it.” 

During his free time — or when he is hanging at home — Big E enjoys playing the trumpet and even the guitar. 

“When he’s at home and he’s playing around, he will pull up music on his computer, and it can be anything,” Melissa Reinhart said. “It can be from the Imperial March from Star Wars from music they played back in the (1930s. He’ll just play something for a minute or so.” 

Besides football and marching band, Big E also is involved in weightlifting and Tri-M Music Honor Society. Despite his busy schedule, he manages to excel in all his activities. 

“It’s just really fun to watch and a proud moment to see him do all of that,” Melissa Reinhart said. “We’ve got two others (another football player and a cheerleader who) don’t get the chance to warm up like the others in the band. They just jump in and do their thing and they look so cool because you’ve got all the marching uniforms and you have these three who are in their sporting uniforms.”



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