CFCA football cancels games against Windermere Prep, Legacy Charter

Due to a small roster this year, which became even smaller due to injuries, the Central Florida Christian Academy football team has canceled the games against Windermere Prep and Legacy Charter.

Photo by Andrea Mujica
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The Central Florida Christian Academy football team has made the decision to cancel the games against Windermere Prep and Legacy Charter. 

“As you saw on our last game, we barely have enough players at times to keep it going,” CFCA head football coach Kevin Blackman said. “So we want to make sure we are playing teams that don’t have 45 kids on the sidelines. … So we canceled against Windermere Prep and we canceled against Legacy in order to free up our schedule so we can play teams that are like us. … We canceled against (them) because we don’t have the numbers.” 

The new schedule for the Eagles is still in the works, but Blackman is working to make sure the players have a full season to display the skills they have been working hard all year to hone in.  

“We are just trying to get some games that can get competitive for everybody,” Blackman said. “What it comes down to is that not every game has to be a win, but you do want it to be competitive and you want the kids to love the game. When they see their brothers get hurt or the game not be as competitive as they’d like it to be, it becomes stressful. So, we do want them to finish their season strong.” 



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