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FOODIE CALL: The Ocoee Taco Company

The Ocoee Taco Company offers some of the best tacos and certainly the best hospitality we could find.

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  • | 9:00 a.m. April 17, 2024
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Foodie Call is a weekly feature brought to you by our partners at Economic Luxury.

This week’s pick of the week brings us to The Ocoee Taco Company, located at 40 Taylor St., in the heart of Ocoee.

Upon entering The Ocoee Taco Company, I was struck immediately by the aroma of Mexican spices that filled the air and was greeted in a way that made me feel like a regular. It didn't take long for me to realize that deciding what to order would be no easy task — I wanted it all.

The interior exudes a charming, rustic vibe, with tables and chairs arranged snugly to create an intimate and convivial atmosphere. It's the perfect setting for gathering with friends and family or fellow taco enthusiasts such as myself.

Despite the close quarters, there is an undeniable sense of warmth and camaraderie that permeates the space. The staff not only is welcoming but also incredibly helpful. I felt right at home from the moment I stepped through the door. Whether you're a regular or a first-time visitor, you're greeted with a smile and treated like part of the family.

The menu is conveniently displayed on the wall with pictures for nearly every option. It includes classic tacos, burritos, flautas and gorditas — all with a variety of protein options! It was almost too much! In the end, I settled on my go to favorite — a carne asada burrito accompanied by chips and chorizo queso, washed down with a refreshing house-made horchata. Every dish is generously portioned, ensuring you get more than your money's worth and honestly enough to carry home lunch for the next day.

One of the standout features of dining at The Ocoee Taco Company is its commitment to using fresh ingredients. From the vibrant produce to the succulent meats, every bite — and I mean every single bite — confirms their dedication to flavor and authenticity.

And let's not forget about the charming little touches that add to the restaurant's allure. A giant rainbow-colored chair outside invites guests of all ages to pause, climb up, and grin for a photo — a perfect reflection of the invitation to be happy, relax and enjoy amazing food. 

The Ocoee Taco Company lives up to its promise of delivering authentic Mexican cuisine in a lively and welcoming setting. Whether you're grabbing a quick bite or settling in for a leisurely meal, you're guaranteed to leave with a satisfied appetite and a smile on your face. So why wait? Gather your friends, head to The Ocoee Taco Company, and start the fiesta!

Foodie Call is a weekly restaurant review presented by Economic Luxury in partnership with the Observer Media Group. Each week, we'll be featuring a different local restaurant, offering a glimpse into their culinary offerings and the passion behind their creations. 


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