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Photo by: Sarah Wilson - Patrick and Brittany Lyne run Farm Haus, which delivers hot-and-ready home-cooked meals to doorsteps, exclusively serving Baldwin Park.
Winter Park / Maitland Observer Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014 4 years ago

Delivery service drops homecooked meals to Baldwin Park doorsteps

Fresh meals delivered
by: Sarah Wilson Staff Writer

Dinner is served with the ring of a doorbell in Baldwin Park thanks to a new, recently launched meal delivery service that takes fresh produce straight from the farm to your kitchen table.

It’s for those nights when mom and dad are working late and realize there’s no food in the fridge come dinner time, or when you’re craving a good hardy meal at home without the effort or clean up afterward, said Farm Haus co-founder Brittany Lyne. She, along with her chef husband Patrick Lyne, launched the meal-delivery service exclusively serving Baldwin Park this August.

“Our whole thing is getting families to eat well and eat together in a very convenient way… rather than them just picking up fast food, where they’d totally miss out on any quality family time,” Brittany said.

Farm Haus offers farm-fresh, homemade meals delivered straight to your front door available for online ordering on Mondays through Thursdays. Every day the meal is different, and varies depending on what produce is locally available and in-season. Brittany said they try to stick to the 150-mile rule, getting ingredients procured within a 150-mile radius of Orlando, and working with only “whole,” fresh foods.

Patrick spends his days dreaming up meals and prepping ingredients in a small church kitchen in Winter Park. As the orders start rolling in, the kitchen heats up as he prepares each meal and then packages and delivers them door-to-door himself just in time for dinner.

Farm Haus delivers hot-and-ready home-cooked meals right to your doorstep Mondays through Thursdays, exclusively serving Baldwin Park. To see what’s on the menu this week, place and order, or to learn more, visit

Baldwin Parker Katie McBride said she heard about the service from a tag left on her door from one of the Lynes’ blitz marketing campaigns. She said she’d usually throw anything stuck to her door like that away, but that this one was such an interesting concept she kept it and placed an order for her family.

“It’s just really nice to have something that’s yummy and healthy for you, and something I don’t have to cook,” she said with a laugh.

“They had really delicious Brussels sprouts, and I don’t even like Brussels sprouts!”

Introducing people to healthy foods they wouldn’t necessarily chose to cook themselves is another one of the Farm Haus goals.

“There’s an abundance of non-real food out there, and we want to reconnect people with their food,” Patrick said. “When you’re getting quality food from the farmers, you don’t even have to do much to it to make it shine. Once, I think, people try it, they realize what produce is really supposed to taste like.”

Brittany said she hopes their service will continue to grow and eventually offer lunches, and broaden it’s serving area to Winter Park and downtown Orlando.

“Our two main goals are food and community,” she said. “Bringing people together through great food, and the community supporting it.”

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