Women join together to encourage wellness in Winter Park

Women join to get well

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  • | 7:43 a.m. September 24, 2015
Photo: Courtesy of Denise Butler - The Women of Wellness group puts together biannual events that show women how to live better, healthier, more pampered lives.
Photo: Courtesy of Denise Butler - The Women of Wellness group puts together biannual events that show women how to live better, healthier, more pampered lives.
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What happens when a microbiologist, chiropractor, nurse and yoga instructor join forces? Something they sure hope will WOW you.

Together these local women are known as the Women of Wellness – or WOW. They came together three years ago to brainstorm how they could uplift and empower local women by putting each of their individual professional strengths to use. They know the body inside and out – each in a unique way – and were ready to share their knowledge to help others. But one decision remained: how would they get the word out?

Women of Wellness will host its next event on Oct. 1 at Casa Feliz. You can visit womenofwellness.wordpress.com for more information about the organization and other upcoming events.

The answer: biannual events aimed at educating and equipping women to live healthy lives. Educational workshops are combined with luxurious pamper sessions to give women the opportunity to treat their present- and future-self better.

Founding member and microbiologist Denise Butler used her own personal mission statement to help guide their group: “To educate others and promote women, math and family values in the scientific community.”

“We felt women would learn better if they were having an environmental experience,” Butler said.

Each of the Women of Wellness brings their own experience to the events. Dr. Kimberly Besuden brings 20 years of skilled alternative health care experience in chiropractic, fitness and nutrition, while Veronica Decker offers her skills as a licensed registered nurse, certified clinical nurse specialist and nurse practitioner in psychiatric and mental health nursing.

The women held their first event in 2012, and have been holding them twice a year throughout the Winter Park area ever since – most recently at the historic home Casa Feliz.

“We use multiple methods to address all levels of wellness,” Butler said.

Sometimes, she said, women forget that so many of life’s stressors that affect health are interconnected. WOW helps to break it down.

“We focus on one theme and then teach women multiple ways to address it,” Butler said.

October’s event focuses on balance. Popular Baldwin Park yoga instructor Becca Schmidt is joining the Women of Wellness to teach participants some of the most literal intricacies of physical balance. Other presenters will focus on balanced eating and life scheduling.

“Women are amazing caregivers, but usually the last people they try to take care of is themselves,” Butler said. “But in the end, they need to take care of themselves so they can really be there to take care of others.”

While at the event, the women are the stars of the show – learning how to better care for themselves so they can take care of others. In one room, women are splayed out on mat doing the downward dog, while in another they’re cooking up a well-balanced meal, and down the hall massage chairs are set up ready for pure pampering to begin.

“We really believe in a holistic approach and that you need to address all aspects,” Butler said. “We really want you to feel better from all sides.”

At the end of the event, women get to take home a goodie bag filled with the necessities they need to implement the lessons they learned during the evening. And Butler said their goal is for each woman to leave with at least one new piece of knowledge that can really help them to live a better life.


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