Creative Arts for Life marks end of first session

Seniors show off work

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  • | 6:43 a.m. January 7, 2016
Photo: Courtesy of Creative Arts for Life - Seniors showcased their artwork at the Creative Arts for Life exhibit on Dec. 16.
Photo: Courtesy of Creative Arts for Life - Seniors showcased their artwork at the Creative Arts for Life exhibit on Dec. 16.
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Creative Arts for Life celebrated the completion of its art class for seniors, the first of more to come, and the newest concept sponsored by Performing Arts of Maitland. On Dec. 16 at the Maitland Art Center “Artist in Action” instructor Martha Lent and CAL Director Denese Richmond recognized their students with acclamation and praise. Over 40 pieces of their art were hung with care for them to share in a reception of honor.

Denese presented personalized certificates bearing an example image of the recipients’ artwork and was overjoyed with the success of this class. “I was blown away by the talent and camaraderie these ladies exhibited…That is the real reason for this program,” she said.

The displayed artwork ranged from seascapes to sunsets, from Christmas to abstract paintings. Media included painting, collage, screen printing and multi-media.

Class evaluation comments to “How do you feel you have benefited from this class?” included:

“Got me out of the house!”

“Ready to do more!”


“It is great to be introduced to different ways of expressions”

“A bit more confident in my artist eye and an encouraging hobby.”

“I have tried things and found out what I like and what I do not like.”

“Food for my imagination for future projects”

“Opportunity to try different art modes and materials, interaction with other struggling senior artists!”

“I have learned many new techniques and mediums I hadn’t tried before this, I have some artwork that I am proud to share. There was no stress, no right or wrong in this class. I made some great new friends. Also we didn’t have to go out and search for the right supplies; we could show up and not be all stressed out before coming. I think it definitely helped with letting creativity loose.”

“In conclusion, students need confidence to feel creative…whatever it takes to encourage confidence should be considered”.

Denese is busy planning three new classes including dance, song and another art course. PAM, as a cultural partner, will utilize Art & History Museums-Maitland and the Venue on the Lake. The CAL program enhances awareness to PAM’s other partners in Maitland’s Cultural Corridor, the Senior Center and the Library.

“The Creative Arts for Life classes bring elder adults together in our community for the purpose of expression and interacting,” PAM Executive Director June Flowers said.

President and PAM founder Jeff Flowers is asking for funding to expand the success of this art program to build the sustainability of these offerings. “PAM is meeting a need in our community to provide meaningful art programs to seniors. They make up over 25 percent of our local population and represent the fastest growing demographic.”

Contact Denese Richmond for more information at 407-766-1860.