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  • | 10:00 a.m. November 3, 2016
Photo courtesy of - Don't wait until after the holiday binge to set your health goals for 2017.
Photo courtesy of - Don't wait until after the holiday binge to set your health goals for 2017.
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I was asked the other day what the most effective New Year’s resolution is and it started me thinking more about New Year’s resolutions in general. Our resolve to be a new us at the beginning of a new year is catchy and it makes sense to start new healthy habits at the beginning of a new year, but is it the most effective way to achieve what you want to achieve? The fact that New Year’s resolution conversations are starting now indicates that some of us already want to trade in our unhealthy habits for healthier ones. If you’re already thinking about making changes in your health and fitness lifestyle the best time to start is now, not on Jan. 1. If you want the most effective resolution — meaning you want your changes to stick and make a sustainable change in your life — what are some things you need to keep in mind to be the most successful?

Start now

Every year a lot of us get geared up and “ready” to get more active on Jan. 1. We want to get through the holidays and start anew with the new year. However, the waiting until Jan. 1 just prolongs the habits that we currently want to change and further ingrains them. If we really want to make the change, we need to start now. Forget a New Year’s resolution and opt for a Now Resolution. This goes perfectly with your fall cleaning, as you can go through your cupboard and refrigerator to clear out all of the high calorie food options. Don’t let them be options anymore. Committing to be fit now and making that change now will help you more effectively reach your fitness goals.


Get a friend to start with you, join a gym and hire a personal trainer to help you really commit to be fit. Sharing a goal with a friend help you stay accountable and joining a gym gives you the resources to be successful. The excitement of joining a gym and the optimism for change can be invigorating, and hiring a personal trainer can keep the enthusiasm moving and the results coming. Plus, many times money motivates us and by committing to spend the money on an affordable gym and qualified personal trainer, we’re more motivated to continue with the goal that we initially set out to achieve.

Anticipate the holidays

We ramp up for the holidays every year and it seems that they’re starting earlier every year. We know that the holiday parties start within the next couple weeks and go through the end of December. We know that the food at the parties will be the kind that works against our health and fitness goals. When we know what’s coming we can plan for success better. Since you’re acting now on your Now Resolution you can resolve to change your behavior before you encounter the high calorie food during the holidays. Drink a lot of water before and during the parties to avoid overeating. Go into the parties and the dinners with the mindset of eating lighter and avoiding the pigs in a blanket. Think about the parties from last year, know what to expect this year and avoid the same pitfalls that you encountered.

So instead of waiting for Jan. 1 to start what you already want to start, begin today and commit to it. You already know what the holidays bring and how to avoid the pitfalls, so consider those now and have a plan to make healthier choices as we approach the holidays. As you need help getting started, reach out to us at Anytime Fitness, Winter Park with the below contact information and we’ll help you with an effective Now Resolution.

Patrick McGaha Jr., member experience manager at Anytime Fitness, Winter Park, is dedicated to building a welcoming environment in the club, conducive to helping members and clients reach their health fitness goals. To get your fitness and nutrition related questions answered by a certified personal trainer, or for a free personal training session, call us at 321-972-5833 or email [email protected]


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