Louis Roney: Trio Solisti review

The Trio Solisti are the consummate artists! What a performance!

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  • | 10:13 a.m. October 27, 2016
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Remembering John Tiedtke, when he came to our home on countless occasions and we talked of performing groups that we had heard or heard of, encompasses many happy memories. I find it nigh-impossible to hear music in the room that was planned by and dedicated to him without remembering those fond days. Since then we have fully enjoyed the events of the Bach Festival Guest Artist Series in this fine hall that bears his name. John’s primary musical interest was, of course, the Bach Festival Choir, and we who bask in the amiable light reflected from his spirit continue to enjoy his generous legacy.

On Sunday Oct. 16, in Tiedtke Concert Hall, the Trio Solisti comprising violinist Maria Bachmann, cellist Alexis Pia Gerlach, and pianist Fabio Bidini were performers on the Bach Festival Guest Artist Series.

Before the concert, John Sinclair told the audience that Trio Solisti was the best trio performing today. That’s quite a statement, and making comparisons of performers is an “iffy” thing at best. Right away that statement became a challenge; could they really be the “best?” Having heard many trios, and being friends of performers in trios in the USA and Europe, I mused: “Never make a comparative statement, especially from the stage, about anybody!”

Then the Trio Solisti took the stage, two beautiful ladies and a handsome man. The afternoon began with the Trio in C Major by Joseph Haydn. Well, this was easy listening, simple music, sprightly played, beautifully accented, and every note perfectly positioned — elegant!

Next came the Trio in G minor by Ernest Chausson. Here was more of a challenge: moody, passionate music with quite a difficult piano part: wispy string playing: staccato, spiccato and pizzicato — again every note perfectly placed, perfectly nuanced — luscious violin and cello sounds, performing and capturing the famous “fluffy” French style.

After intermission, a test. Johannes Brahms’ Trio in B Major: Brahms’ bold German romantic style was delivered with great warmth and passion, rich gorgeous tone, a touching hymn-like adagio with a beautiful cello solo — again, elegance personified.

I could think that Haydn, Chausson, and Brahms were smiling down from Olympus saying, “Yes, that’s just the way I thought of it when I wrote it.” John Sinclair was correct, the Trio Solisti are the consummate artists! What a performance!


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