The Ocoee Taco Company was burglarized, owners report

Employees arrived at work on Friday, April 28, to find the front door smashed in

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  • | 3:49 p.m. April 28, 2017
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OCOEE Owners of The Ocoee Taco Company reported on Friday, April 28, that their restaurant had been burglarized overnight. When employees arrived at the restaurant on Friday morning, they found that the front door had been smashed in.

“There was glass everywhere,” said Fransisco Enamorado, co-owner of the restaurant, which is located at 40 Taylor Street, Ocoee.

Enamorado said they initially feared the worst, but after a thorough search of the restaurant, nothing appeared to be missing.

Although the building is equipped with surveillance cameras, Enamorado said they were unable to see any suspects in the footage because the cameras had been tampered with. Prior to breaking into the restaurant, the suspect or suspects had repositioned the cameras so they wouldn’t be seen. Once inside the restaurant, they turned off all the power, which also shut down the cameras.

The incident was reported to the Ocoee Police Department, and Enamorado said that officers responded quickly to their call. The department has yet to determine who was responsible for the incident.

By noon, the front door had been repaired and customers were arriving for lunch.

“We got lucky,” Enamorado said.


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