Who will fill the city commission District 3 seat in Winter Garden?

A special election on Jan. 24 will determine which of the three candidates - Harold Bouler, Patricia Angry and Mark Maciel - will fill the empty seat.

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WINTER GARDEN On Jan. 24, Winter Garden will hold a special election to elect the District 3 City Commissioner. The former District 3 commissioner, Bobby Olszewski, resigned in order to pursue election as Orange County District 1 commissioner but lost the race to Oakland resident and businesswoman Betsy VanderLey. 

Olszewski’s term officially closed Dec. 6.

Here are the three candidates who are running for city commissioner of District 3.



Bouler is a U.S. Air Force veteran who has lived in District 3 for the last 12 years. He has been married to Joy Stevenson Bouler for nine years, and the couple have four children together. 

He has served with several organizations and boards, including the West Orange Habitat for Humanity Board, West Orange Heritage Foundation Advisory Board, Community Action Board of Orange County, Winter Garden Rotary Club, Code Enforcement Board of Winter Garden and the Community Redevelopment Advisory Board and also served as vice president for the Community Development Corporation East Winter Garden. 

Q: Why do you want to serve as District 3 commissioner?

A: I love the City of Winter Garden and enjoy serving the people I represent. I want to continue to help improve the quality of life for residents in this historic small town.

Q: Why do you feel you are the best qualified candidate for this office?

A: Having already served two terms as commissioner and one year as mayor for this city, I've built many good relationships with business and government officials in Orange County as well as in other cities and counties in this state. I have the knowledge, experience and commitment to start from day one to be a city commissioner.

Q: What do you feel are the most important issues now that need to be addressed?

A: For the city, keep moving forward in continuing to make and keep Winter Garden as the best little city in the state of Florida and the country. That includes creating ways that all residents can participate in the building of some of our new developments, creating job opportunities, keeping our taxes low while improving the infrastructure on the east side of Winter Garden and partnering with Orange County. There is also still the need to address the issue of substandard housing in our district as well as our city and the development of the Plant Street corridor down to the 429.

Q: What are your goals if elected?

A: Keep an open dialog between the law enforcement community and the residents of the district thus keeping the crime rate low and getting it even lower. Make sure that all residents who want to, would have a chance to enjoy what this great city has to offer. We have an historic community - "East Winter Garden” - so I want to make sure this community continues and improves as the rest of Winter Garden has done.



Maciel moved to Florida nearly 20 years ago and has lived in District 3 since then with his wife, Justine, and three children. He served in the National Guard for 32 years and has been involved in real estate as a planner and land acquisition coordinator since moving to Florida.

Maciel has served with several organizations and boards including, Roper YMCA board, East Winter Garden Boys and Girls Club Planning Committee and Winter Garden's Planning and Zoning Board and served as past president of the Westfield HOA board. 

Q: Why do you want to serve as District 3 commissioner? 

A: In many ways my life has been about service - service to my country with 32 years in the National Guard, service to my family and service to my community. Winter Garden is unquestionably one of the best and most vibrant communities in Florida to live and work. I want to keep it that way. 

Q: Why do you feel you are the best-qualified candidate for this office?

A: For me, leading is about serving as well as being a part of the fabric of a community. I am a husband, father, business owner, military veteran, board member of the Roper YMCA, planning committee member for the East Winter Garden Boys and Girls Club and six-year board member of Winter Garden's Planning and Zoning Board. Normally, I'm a “behind-the-scenes team player" and have no political ambitions other than keeping Winter Garden great.  

Q: What are your goals if elected?

A: Reduce crime: We need to develop a layered approach to these issues. I would facilitate programs between city and community leaders that address several of the elements that cultivate problems. 

Improve traffic flow: There are several areas in the city that need attention and execution of proposed fixes has been slow. The two most pressing traffic issues I see in District 3 are the Roberson and Windermere intersection and the West Orange High School traffic congestion.

Invest in East Winter Garden: There are several infrastructure and community project already identified, but execution has been slow. I will continue to meet with community leaders to bring city resources to bare on these ongoing issues. 

Keep taxes low: Growth can bring unwanted tax burdens. West Colonial Drive is an untapped resource to support our way of life. I will seek to continue the improvement of our main commercial thoroughfare in order to attract quality users. 



Angry is a lifelong resident of Winter Garden and worked for 22 years as a bookkeeper. She has been involved in several organizations during her lifetime, including the Winter Garden Housing Authority, Concerned Citizens of Winter Garden, East Winter Garden Neighborhood Alliance, Maxey Community Center Advisory Board and the Retirees of Orange County Head Start.

Q: Why do you want to serve as District 3 commissioner?

A: So I can make a difference. I’ve been doing this for years but never on that side of the table. The citizens asked me to run because they know what I stand for. They know the work that I’ve done, and they wanted me to continue.

Q: Why do you feel you are the best qualified candidate for this office?

A: I will do what’s needed to do. I’m more attuned to the people. I know what the people on this side want. I think they feel safe in talking to me and letting me know what their needs are. I'm here with them. I'm not a shirt and tie person - I'm a jeans and t-shirt person. I get down and dirty with them. I've worked in this community for 48 years and have been able to get things accomplished.

Q: What do you feel are the most important issues now that need to be addressed?

A: The number one issue I would say is housing. You need family stability before you can do anything else. If you don’t have family, there’s no need for education, for jobs. You’ve got to keep the people here and offer them something to stay here. There’s a lot of things that need to happen here, but if we can get (housing) figured out then everything else will fall into place. It all ties together. 

Q: What are your goals if elected?

A: Bridge the gap between the different communities to make this city one whole ideal place to live. East, west, north, south - all the districts tied together for one goal. We need a complete circle.


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