Trying to get fit? Searching for a workout spot?

Here’s a break-down of three types of gyms in West Orange

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  • | 2:46 p.m. January 26, 2017
HitFit Gym trainer Renette Khan, right, works out with a client.
HitFit Gym trainer Renette Khan, right, works out with a client.
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When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and getting active, a gym is a good place to start.

But finding the right gym can be a challenge. With dozens of gyms peppers across West Orange County, it might seem nearly impossible to know which gym is the right fit. 


For those looking for nothing more than a room filled with a variety of workout equipment, gyms like Planet Fitness and Anytime Fitness may fit the bill.

“We’re not here to judge anybody,” said Felix Lopez who works at Planet Fitness in Ocoee. “We accept anybody who is wiling to come in. We make them feel welcome and not feel any pressures. People want to come in and feel relaxed.”

Both fitness centers also offer flexible hours so members can come workout anytime of the day or night.

“The keyword is anytime because members have access anytime,” said Rob Harrington, manager of Anytime Fitness in Windermere.

And, in the case of Anytime Fitness, members who travel have access to all other clubs across the country.

A membership to either gym typically costs between $10 and $30 a month depending on the membership package.

“It’s really about making sure people who are wanting to get healthy have the right tools,” said Kellie Behen, manager at Planet Fitness in Ocoee. “Our goal is to make sure we show them around and make them feel comfortable.”



Sometimes gym equipment just isn’t enough, and that’s where big-box gyms come in. These larger gyms are packed to the brim with a variety of workout options, from dance classes to swimming.

La Fitness is one of the most prominent of these gyms in West Orange and features a variety of amenities, including an equipment and cardio area, group fitness classes, basketball and racquetball courts, a lap pool, saunas, personal trainers and babysitting services.

But these additional features comes at a higher price tag. A membership may cost between $20 and $40 a month depending on the package and club.

For parents who are trying to get their kids involved in fitness or sports, try a local YMCA.

“With chronic disease so prevalent yet preventable, the Y is on a mission to help people adopt healthier, more balanced lifestyles,” said Dan Wilcox, YMCA of Central Florida President and CEO.

And YMCAs provide families with many programs to choose from - fitness, aquatics, arts, sports and teen programs are just a few on the list.



For those who despite the traditional gym setting, new, boutique gyms have been increasing in popularity across West Orange over the last several years.

“The growth for those gyms has outdone the big-box gyms,” said Don Suarez, co-owner of the HitFit Gym in Winter Garden. “Without a doubt, you’re seeing more of those pop up.”

These specialty gyms range from yoga studios to dance studios and kick-boxing centers to CrossFit.

“We blend high-intensity, interval training with kick-boxing, but we use kick-boxing for the purpose of fitness,” Suarez said. “People love that they can come in and whale on a bag. And our certified personal trainer going to make sure you’re doing things the right way.” 

But the cost of these specialized can be pricier than others and may charge per class or per month. Costs could range up to $150 per month.


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