West Orange Observer: Sports Spotlight — Touma Mack

A senior on the Olympia high swim team, Touma Mack has become a key swimmer for the Titans in the pool.

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  • | 10:13 p.m. September 11, 2019
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A senior on both the swimming and water polo team at Olympia, Touma Mack has found a second home is in the pool. On the swim team, he is one of the Titans’ go-to swimmers in the 50 and 100 free, and his goal this year is to beat Luke Carey’s record in the 50 free.


How did you get into swimming?

I wanted to do cross country my freshman year; then when I went to sign up they said, ‘The signups are done,’ so then I just went and swam because I just wanted to do a sport.


What were those first practices like for you?

It was really fun — just every day, I’d go in and feel fast every day, because I had just started. I felt improvement immediately, and that was really fun. Later on in the season, we do running around the gym, and I was like, ‘OK, I’m glad I didn’t run, because this is not something I could keep up with.’


What’s been your favorite thing about swimming these past few years?

Seeing the improvement when I practice — I see how fast I’m going. Every race I do, I get a little bit faster, and swimming against some of my teammates. I like to see if I can go faster than someone one day — that’s my favorite part about it.


What’s the most challenging aspect of swimming?

Giving it my all and still getting beat is pretty tough. Like, ‘I did everything I could do, and I still got beat — what could have I done better?’ It’s just how it is, I guess.


Has there been a highlight moment for you in your swim career?

My sophomore year, I was on the regional relay team, and then we made it to states, but I got kicked off the relay team. Then the next year, I made it onto the relay team, and then we beat the school record. The difference between those two years was my highlight, probably.


What’s some of the best words of advice that you’ve been given about swimming?

Definitely do every set to the best of your abilities — do every yard that you can.


Do you have a preference between swimming and water polo?

Definitely water polo, but I like the individual aspect of swimming. It’s all on you, so you have to take responsibility if you lose — that’s you. Sometimes in water polo games somebody could play bad, but it’s a team game. I like the team aspect of water polo, but I do like swimming individually.


Before the season started did you have any goals in mind?

Break the 50 free school record — it’s 20.98. I haven’t had official times, but stopwatch time (I’m about) half a second (behind).




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