Physician's Spotlight: Dr. Bindu Kakkanatt

Dr. Bindu Kakkanatt has served as a pediatrician for more than 20 years and has been with Ocoee Pediatrics since 2012.

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  • | 2:04 p.m. June 21, 2021
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Dr. Bindu Kakkanatt knew from childhood she wanted to do something in the world that would help children. The daughter of immigrants, Kakkanatt has been a pediatrician for more than 20 years and has served at Ocoee Pediatrics since 2012. In what spare time she has, she enjoys spending time with her family and her dogs, as well as traveling.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born in Hartford, Connecticut, but moved to New York City suburbs as a baby. At age 12, I moved to Clearwater, Florida, and finished high school at St. Petersburg High School. My parents emigrated from India in the late ’60s.

When did you decide you wanted to become a pediatrician?

I decided early in life that I wanted to work with children. Initially, I was convinced I wanted to be an elementary school teacher, but as I got older, I became interested in health care. 

Do you remember going to the doctor as a child?

I had fond memories of my own pediatrician treating me whenever I was sick. He was kind and comforting, and I always felt well taken care of. By the time I was finishing high school, I decided to become a pediatrician.

Tell us about your path to becoming a doctor.

I went to a seven-year combined B.A/M.D. program at Boston University. After completing residency at New York Medical College in 2000, I lived in Albany, New York, for three years, where I worked at a private practice. My oldest son was born in Cleveland, Ohio, where my ex-husband was completing fellowships. We moved to Naples after that, and my younger son was born there. I moved to Orlando in 2011 and started working at my present practice in 2012. I have been practicing pediatrics (more than) 20 years now.  I have been blessed to find a wonderful practice — Ocoee Pediatrics.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

I am now 20-plus years in pediatrics and thoroughly enjoy it. I feel so comfortable in my position now, and all the hard work it took to get here is worth it because I get to go to work in job that I love. My favorite part of pediatrics is getting to know families and feeling that I am working with parents to provide the best care possible for their children. I enjoy not only treating routine childhood illness but (also) catching up at well visits to make sure growth and development are appropriate, (and) providing advice on nutrition and safety for the younger kids. It is wonderful to see babies growing up into their teen years and maturing into young adults.

When you’re not working, what do you like doing in your spare time?

I have two teenagers of my own, two boys ages 14 and 16, who keep me on my toes at home, as well as two beloved goldendoodles, so life is always busy at home. Managing a private practice, taking care of my work and being mom keep me pretty busy. I am trying to carve out time for things that I enjoy. I am part of two book clubs, which gives me an excuse to squeeze in some non-medical books. I love to travel and am hoping to start exploring new places again soon. I have not had a chance to travel too much, and before COVID hit, I had made a plan to take a couple of trips every year to new places. I am hoping that I can get started again with travel plans real soon.  


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