Candidate Q&A: Corrine Brown, U.S. Rep. District 10 (DEM)

Read our exclusive conversation with Corrine Brown, Democratic candidate for U.S. Rep. Florida District 10.

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Editor's note: Candidates responses have not been edited for grammar and are presented as received.



Age: 75

City/town of residence: Orlando, FL

Family: Single, Adult Daughter

Education: Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, former Congresswoman Corrine Brown attended local schools, and graduated from New Stanton High School. She went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in 1969 and a Master’s degree in 1971 from Florida A&M University. She earned an Educational Specialist degree in 1974 from the University of Florida (UF).

Qualifications: Honorary Doctor from Bethune-Cookman College; Honorary Doctor of Law from Edward Waters College (EWC); Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Richmond Virginia Seminary; and the Humanitarian Karic Brothers Award for 2011


What are the key differences between you and your opponents?

I have created a powerful legacy of commitment, dedication, and genuine concern for my constituents, the people of Florida, and this nation. In 1992, I was the first African American elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Florida in 129 years. Throughout my political career, I served 34 years representing North and Central Florida (including Orlando, Eatonville, Sanford, Jacksonville, Gainesville, and Palatka), 24 years as a Member of Congress representing Orange County, and 10 years as a Florida State Representative.

I helped President Obama pass the Affordable Care Act. For Orange County, I secured billions for SunRail, a new veterans hospital, and a downtown courthouse expansion.

If elected, I will have seniority on both the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

I am ready to fight on Day One – the U.S. Congress is not a training ground.

What are the values and morals that have guided your life, and how will use them as District 10 representative?

My values and morals are guided by my Christian faith, which teaches me that serving is an honor. In life you are given a birth certificate and a death certificate and what you do in between is your contribution to making the world a better place. I have always prided myself on offering the best constituent service in the country whether that is providing funding to build the Orlando VA hospital, which is considered one of the best in the country, to making sure we treat our veterans with dignity and respect by providing them the services they need.

As District 10 representative, describe how you will work across the aisle.

I understand the importance of getting things done for the people of District 10, which more than often requires working across the aisle. As a Ranking Member, I worked with my Republican counterparts on transportation and veteran issues including building the VA hospital to get things done for my constituents – that’s my #1 priority!

Describe the state of our nation’s economy and what steps need to be taken to improve it.

Our nation’s economy is going through a lot of fluctuations and instability from inflation, high rent, to high gas prices. I applaud the steps congress has taken with the inflation reduction act but more must be done. We need someone in congress that has the pulse of common people and will do what it takes to make sure we have affordable housing, tax credit for children and seniors and stop our dependence on foreign oil.

Define “recession.”

Recession is negative consecutive growth resulting in stagnation in wages, loss of jobs, inflation and loss of housing. I was in congress back in 2008 when we were losing hundreds of thousands of jobs. Congress and the Obama Administration rolled up our sleeves and it resulted in the biggest job gain of our lifetime.

What is your evaluation of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization decision.

This landmark case is pivotal in destroying the last 50 years of women progress overturning Roe vs. Wade which most thought was sitting precedent that personal decisions of women health should be decided between themselves and their doctor. As a member of congress I will fight by sponsoring legislation to overturn this disastrous decision assuring that we continue to move forward not backwards.

Describe the state of our education system and what steps need to be taken to improve it.

The education system is broken. We have crumbling schools, lower curriculum standards and lack of funding. I will Sponsor legislation to make sure our children our safe, curriculum standards our high and funding needs are met.

What is the cause of division in the United States, and how can we improve it?

Most of our division span from us not coming together for the common good. If we actually listened to each other we would find that there is more that bring us together than what separates us apart.

What is your position on the United States’ involvement in Ukraine?

I applaud the actions of the President Biden and believe that he has taken the proper steps which include diplomacy while assuring Ukraine has the necessary resources to defend their country.



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