Orange County residents to receive sample ballots by next week

In addition to the ballot, registered voters in Orange County also will receive when they vote, their polling place and a list of the early voting locations.

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Orange County residents who are registered to vote will start to receive their sample ballots in their mail by next week. 

According to a press release by the Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office, "In addition to showing the ballot, (Orange County residents) will receive when they vote, (their) polling place and (a list of) all 20 early voting locations." 

Voters should check the polling place listed on their sample ballot, as it may have change as a result of redistricting.

At the same time, Orange County residents who chose the option to vote-by-mail will not receive a sample ballot. However, they can find all the necessary information by calling the elections office at (407) 836-8683 or by going to their website.

"Your sample ballot has a lot of useful information," said Bill Cowles, Orange County Supervisor of Elections, on the press release. "Take the time to read it, and familiarize yourself with what's on the ballot. you can also pre-mark it and take it with you to your early voting center or polling place on Election Day." 

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