Athlete of the Week: Chalier Torres, Windermere boys basketball

Windermere boys basketball’s Chalier Torres holds currently a 3.8 unweighted GPA and crossed recently the 1,000-point mark. Page 2B.

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At 15.2 points per game, 8.3 rebounds and 5.5 assists, Windermere High boys basketball player Chalier Torres has been lighting it up on the hardwood this season helping the Wolverines reach the Class 7A, District 5 title game and amass a 20-8 record so far. 

The three-year starter and U17 Puerto Rican national team player is a 6-foot-4 combo guard/wing who can hit jumpers from anywhere on the court. His combination of both playmaking and scoring with his size and handle make it clear why he has offers to play at the next level — and why he’ll be vital to Windermere’s postseason run. 

The Basics

Age: 18

School: Windermere High

Sport: Boys basketball

Grade: Senior

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How does it feel to be named Athlete of the Week?

It feels great. Never in my life have I thought I’d have this moment. But here it is, and it feels amazing.

What does it feel like to have scored more than 1,000 points in your high school career?

It feels amazing. I’ve worked hard all these years and have had good teammates and coaches who have helped me along the way. I will never forget the moment I passed 1,000 points. 

What do you like the most about playing basketball?

It’s fun for me; it takes all my worries and stress away. I meet new people and make friends. It’s always a good time being around basketball.

What is your goal for the rest of this season, for yourself and the team? 

My goal is to go to states and prove everybody wrong. People didn’t believe in us, but we didn’t listen and kept working. 

A goal for myself is to be a great leader and help my younger guys grow to become better people and basketball players. 

What’s the biggest lesson you have learned from basketball? 

Fight through adversity; don’t give up.

Favorite basketball memory?

I’d say in the summer of sixth grade in AAU, when nationals were really big, and everybody would come out, and that’s how the real best team was determined. 

Even though we finished in fifth, I believe, the experience was great. We had a game in the quarterfinals where everyone was there. It was super loud and a close game. We ended up losing in the end, but it was the most fun we all had. 

The next game we played at the tournament, we won off my teammate’s buzzer-beating shot, and we all celebrated. I really enjoyed our time that year.

Who is your favorite basketball player, and what do you like about his game?

Devin Booker. I’ve liked him since I was young. 

I was always so intrigued with how he played, he’s a big guard — which I’m in the same boat as him — so I look at him to model my game after. 

What is your go-to pregame meal?

Usually, I eat a plate of rice, beans and chicken, with some plantains, as well.

What’s your go-to pregame hype song?

“Power” by OT7 Quanny.

What is your favorite non-basketball hobby?

Cooking; I love making food.

What is your favorite subject in school?

Economics or health. Economics, because I get to learn about money and how those types of things work. And health, because in those classes, we get to learn about the anatomy of your body and muscles, care and prevention, and taking care of your body.

What are three things you would take with you to a deserted island?

A knife for cutting or protection, a dog to help me and keep me company, and a satellite phone so I can communicate with people if I need it.

What is your favorite movie?

I don’t have a favorite movie, because I don’t watch them like that. But I do have a favorite TV show, and it’s “Snowfall.” It’s the best show out. It shows how Franklin never gave up and got what he wanted and didn’t let anything get in his way.

If you could have dinner with one person — dead or alive — who would it be?

Jesus Christ. I’d ask Him about everything, know everything He has planned and what I need to learn from Him.

If you could go back in time to a specific period in history, when and where would you go? 

To the ancient times when there was nothing. I want to see how things were created, what people did, how I could help, and understand where we came from and why we are here.

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