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West Orange Times & Observer Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2021 8 months ago

HEALTH MATTERS: Winter Garden's Cryo Sculpt promotes wellness with super-cold therapy

Owners Tracey Sartini and Michele Crouse offer a variety of non-invasive treatments.
by: Jim Carchidi Former Associate Editor

A Winter Garden business is improving the health and well-being of its clients through cryotechnology.

Cryo Sculpt offers non-invasive, FDA approved treatments including pain management, cellulite reduction, hair rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction. Owners Tracey Sartini and her sister, Michele Crouse, first learned of the techniques while volunteering for a Zoom tutorial.

“Because of COVID, (the distributor) couldn’t do face-to-face training, so they needed people to come in as models,” said Sartini, who, at the time, was furloughed from her hotel and convention sales job. “We got such great results, I had to come up with a new career, and Michele was also looking, so we said, ‘Ok, let’s buy a machine and start a wellness business.’”

The cryotherapy device relieves joint and muscle pain by concentrating an ice cold spray of food grade CO2 on the areas where treatment is required. Blood vessels respond to the cold by constructing, then dilating as they warm. This allows oxygenated blood to flow into the affected areas and promote healing. 

The process also works much faster than conventional methods. 

“If you were to use an ice pack for 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off for two hours, we can get the same results in a 90-second spray on a targeted area,” Sartini said.

Michele Crouse assists Sandra Frye with compression therapy boot fittings. The boots are helping Fry by reducing the swelling from a knew injury.

The technology also can reshape areas of the body by non evasively freezing fat cells which then break down without damaging the body. And the spray can be applied to wrinkles, scars and acne to promote smoothing and healing, as well as promoting hair growth by stimulating follicles.

Sartini and Crouse started Cryo Sculpt Sept. 17, 2020, as a mobile business. Sartini estimates they accumulated 180 to 185 regular clients within the first six months. In January, they moved into their office at 31 S. Main St., Suite 6, where they currently schedule sessions for more than 500 clients. In April, they expanded into a neighboring office to offer compression therapy with a Normatech device; leg, arm and torso fittings that fill, via an air compressor, and act as a pump to promote the movement of fluids causing inflammation.

“It helps get rid of lactic acid in the area we’re treating,” Crouse said of the system. “It helps get any water retention or fluid buildup moving through the lymphatic system.”

Cryo Sculpt treatments also aid other forms of therapy.

“What we do is get rid of inflammation, which makes it easier for (chiropractors and massage therapists) to get into the areas they need to work on, and they get better results,” Sartinisaid. 

Cryo Sculpt will be partnering in this way with a new StretchLab location, which is opening in Ocoee later this year.

In addition to their permanent location, Sartini and Crouse  also still utilize their mobile business model. They offer wrinkle reduction, body sculpting and facials for home parties, business events and bridal parties. 

And Cryo Sculpt also helps newcomers to the cryotherapy industry with training sessions. 

Michele Crouse hooks a cryotherapy device up to a tank of food grade CO2 in the Cryo Sculpt office.

“Not only are we running the business, (but also) we’re constantly training other new owners across the United States,” Sartini said. “We let them train in our facility with us, we clear it with our clients first, so they can actually see how it’s run and how the clients take to it.”

Sartini and Crouse leave the door open for additional expansion and new wellness offerings, but Sartini said they have every intention of staying in Winter Garden. “We are local,” she said “We love the downtown traffic, and there’s not really a wellness spot in the area. Our goal is to be the wellness spot in Winter Garden.”

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