ENLivE offers infusion therapy in Baldwin Park

Physicians Michael Bowerman and Ivi Bifsha have opened ENLivE IV and Hormone Therapy in the Village Center.

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  • | 3:51 p.m. September 20, 2019
Ivi Bifsha and Michael Bowerman are ready to offer their IV and hormone-therapy infusions concept to Baldwin Park.
Ivi Bifsha and Michael Bowerman are ready to offer their IV and hormone-therapy infusions concept to Baldwin Park.
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If feeling more energetic, focused and ready to seize the day in under an hour interests you, it might be a good idea to stop by ENLivE in the Village Center.

ENLivE IV and Hormone Therapy held its grand opening at its flagship location on New Broad Street on July 3. It falls into the category of a medical spa, as it offers IV vitamin therapy, hormone-replacement therapy, and Botox and fillers.

Cofounders and owners Michael Bowerman and Ivi Bifsha are both physicians. Their interests in IV therapy were piqued during a continuing-education medical seminar at the Orange County Convention Center a while back.

“We started looking into it and thought, ‘Well, we could actually do this,’” Bowerman says. “We did some research, figured things out … and get serious about it and kept going with it. It kind of spiraled into what it is now.”

Bowerman describes ENLivE as a medical facility with an aesthetics and anti-aging wellness center. The bread and butter of ENLivE is the IV vitamin infusions. The staff consists of trained nurses, and Dr. Renata Orna also is on staff to administer the HRT treatment, as well as Botox and fillers.

The business partners have been working on ENLivE since late last year and began first by researching locations. They wanted to find a demographic that they were both familiar with but that also could sustain the type of office they wanted to open.

“We wanted to find a place that was more young professionals, older/retired or older professionals that were health conscious and wanted to really better their lives,” he says. “We’re not treating, diagnosing or fixing any condition whatsoever — we are more so helping people achieve the kind of wellness they’re looking for. We have immunity IVs … if they want to be preventative and boost their immune system, (and) we have energy IVs, as well. We tried to kind of make it completely well-rounded and thats why we also brought our physician (Dr. Orna) in, and she’s handling the aesthetic side of the practice.” 

Ivi Bifsha and Michael Bowerman are ready to offer their IV and hormone-therapy infusions concept to Baldwin Park.
Ivi Bifsha and Michael Bowerman are ready to offer their IV and hormone-therapy infusions concept to Baldwin Park.

Although Bowerman and Bifsha are physicians themselves, they are not practicing at ENLivE and each practices elsewhere. They were passionate about bringing a different kind of service to Baldwin Park, Bowerman said, but they did want to have a physician in the office to handle the aesthetic treatments.

“We really lucked out with Baldwin Park,” he says. “Regardless of the place we found we were going to make this happen, but I think finding (this) spot really got us both incredibly excited and lit a fire under us. We really pushed to get everything through.”

IV vitamin infusions can take up to 45 minutes and are completely customizable. There are seven types of IV drips available — Energy Boost, Hangover Cure, Pain Killer, Myers Original, Super Immune, Weekend Warrior and Skin Rejuvenation. Each is meant to benefit the body in different ways, from boosting energy levels to infusing essential vitamins and minerals. 

Customers also can choose from six add-ons for their IV treatments, if they wish. These range from $20 to $55 and include vitamin C, glutamine and taurine.

“It’s not a new treatment, but it’s definitely a newer treatment to the Orlando area,” Bowerman says of IV vitamin therapy. “There aren’t very many facilities that offer this stuff and the extent of what we have. There might be IV treatment facilities, but not a lot offer the aesthetic side. We wanted to be able to have a well-rounded office.”

In addition to IV infusions, ENLivE also offers vitamin injections, which can be administered quicker. Customers can choose from a range of antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins — options include taurine, biotin, vitamin B complex and vitamin B12.

Finally, there is the aesthetics side of the practice, which includes HRT, Botox and fillers. HRT can help balance your body’s hormone levels, and the aesthetic injectables provide patients with a more youthful and rested appearance.

ENLivE has only been open for two months now, but already Bowerman and Bifsha are noticing the increased interest. 

“It’s kind of been a whirlwind,” Bowerman says of the first few weeks of ENLivE being open. “It’s actually been pretty fun. It’s that feeling of Christmas morning — you’re just so excited about it. 

“This is definitely something that’s not a one-time thing,” he says. “You see the benefits immediately — this is directly into your bloodstream. With the IV treatment you’re absorbing 100% of the vitamin. It’s a lasting effect.”


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