This week in West Orange County history

These are the people and events that shaped today's West Orange County.

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The marriage of Miss Beulah Carter to Tom W. Zeigler was an event of Sunday afternoon at the home of the Rev. E.J. Daniels of Ocoee. Miss Marjorie Bennett and Milton Deariso were the attendants for the bridal pair.



Mrs. C.M. Biggers was appointed chairman of the 1941 Christmas seal sale.



Mrs. Ward Britt entertained a group of boys with a wiener roast at the city dock in honor of her son Ward’s 11th birthday. They then went to the theater for a picture show. Attending were Tommy DeLoach, Don Dickerson, Stanley Roper, Johnny Martin, Tommy Martin, Bill Cappleman, Howard Hitchcock, Richard McCord, Lamar Burgess, Bobby Register, Lamar Carter and Jody Gufford.

Mrs. Robert Macchi entertained at a party for her son, Jim, on his 4th birthday. Among the guests were Lee Farnsworth, Richard Farnsworth, Douglas Girvin, Ralph Girvin, Phil Cross, Stanley Lege, John Duggan, Charles Arrington, Nan Marden, Beth Minor, Janie Willis, Eva Jane Hovsepian, Betty Stopinski and Susan Macchi.



The Pop Warner football team of Winter Garden was invited to play a bowl game against a team from Tennessee Thanksgiving weekend. Players are Andrew Bailey, Claude Hawthorne, Kevin Munroe, Ricky Freeman, Dennis Lindsey, Terry Thomas, Dean Campbell, Brian Schaus, Nicky Adams, Mike Clark, Ronnie Fleming, Jim Karr, Mike Davis, Eddie Thomas, Joe Sellati, Ricky Maloy, Bruce Smith, Greg Morrison, Kenny Ison and Mark Ezzard.

The Board of Directors of the Winter Garden Chamber of Commerce elected Larry “Joe” Walker, manager of the Winn-Dixie Supermarket, to be president for the upcoming year. Other officers named were Wilson Griffith, of Griffith Tire Company, vice president; and Bob Ellis, of Ellis Inc., second vice president.



Buster Dodd, who started worked at Pounds Motor Company at the age of 14, retired after 55 years of service. The only time he was away from his job was when he served in World War II.



Businesswoman and community leader Stina D’Uva was named president of the West Orange Chamber of Commerce.

Helping Dillard Street Elementary School celebrate its 50th anniversary were many former teachers and staff members: former Principal Jake Voss, Susan Lynch, Angela Laird, Lorraine Hasson, Margaret Cockrell, Pat Lynch, Susan Cardaci, Rose West, Harriette Grimes, Geraldine Wise, Angie Osborne, Ronda Sadler, Mary B. Eddy, Nancy Dabbs, Glenda Floyd, Helen Kennedy, Joan Steward and Maxine Sanders.



NOV. 25, 1971

It might only be Thanksgiving, but who’s to say you can’t start Christmas shopping a little early? Winter’s Radio & TV Sales and Service was advertising its merchandise in The Winter Garden Times, and this week’s ad featured “sheer brilliance!” — a 1972 Zenith super-screen 19-inch Chromacolor television in a compact size.

The TV was encased in a grained American walnut-colored cabinet and included VHF/UHF deluxe Spotlite panels, a Chromacolor picture tube, super video range tuner, and five- and three-inch twin-cone speaker.

Winter’s Radio & TV was located on South Main Street in downtown Winter Garden.



A hunting party south of Holopaw in 1963 features a group of West Orange County men on a turkey shoot. In the back row, left to right, are George Joiner, Blossom Davis, Bill Dann, Hank Shepherd Sr., Hank’s son and Selby Burch. Bob Ellis kneels in front. All of them are displaying their bounty of wild turkeys. This photo from the archives of the Winter Garden Heritage Foundation was donated by Selby Burch.



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