This week in West Orange County history: June 22, 2023

These are the people and events who made headlines in West Orange County's past.

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90 years ago

Fire in the Zellwood marshlands drew scores of spectators to vantage points around the edge of the lake to witness the elemental clash of flame and water.

Winter Garden’s 25 college students began to trek homeward for the long-anticipated summer vacation.

The Foster Shoppe in Winter Garden featured wash frocks for $1, $1.95 and $2.95.

Bray Hardware was advertising push-type lawnmowers for $4.75 and ice-cream churns for $1.

85 years ago

Franklin Cappleman and Ben Hill Lawson returned from Gainesville, where they were attending the University of Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith attended the state florists convention, held in Tampa.

Gifts could be hard to select for graduates, said Bob Davis, of Winter Garden’s Davis Pharmacy. So he suggested items that could be purchased for a dainty June graduate or June bride. He selected “Bientot,” a perfume that confidently suggested, “I’ll see you soon again.” It was a distinguished and significant gift for graduation day when goodbyes were said with a merry fling! He also presented as special offerings to this year’s gay girl graduates fitted evening bags by Lentheric. These bags were a regal gesture in the gift line with such specialties as “Boursette” and Formalite” in varying prices.

Clifford Sessions left to spend the summer in Ridgeville, South Carolina.

60 years ago

Girls State delegates to Tallahassee were named. Those girl students were Sue Ann Starr and Cheryl Diane Barton. Ann Deariso, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Deariso, was named an alternate.

The Winter Garden Garden Club, with Mrs. Jack Smith as new president, planned a membership party at the Florida Power Lounge.

The Rev. F. Clay Doyle, minister of the Oakland Presbyterian Church, attended the annual meeting of the Synod of Florida, Presbyterian Church, U.S., at the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood. He was accompanied by Harold Henschen, representing the session of the church.

50 years ago

The Ocoee High School Cardinals won the state baseball championship. That’s just about the biggest sports story in Ocoee’s history. On the championship team were Jim Shirley, Albert Casey, Fred Beaman, Terry Minnick, Jerry Peterson, Mike Wallace, Mike Bagwell, Alan Hopper, Alan Sims, Val Rodriguez, Mike Strickland, John Carter, Gerald Watson, David Dodge, Darrell Turner and Phil Roberts. Coach Guthrie and managers Tim Deloach and Mike Andrews led the team.

40 years ago

Park West Village on Park Avenue in Winter Garden was offering studio condominium units for below $20,000.


JUNE 21, 1979

The Scotty’s hardware chain had a location at the southwest corner of West Colonial Drive and Bluford Avenue, in Ocoee, before the company filed for bankruptcy in 2005. The building boasted the familiar orange color and bearded Scottish man in a plaid tam.

In 1979, the business advertised its “summer crop of bargains” in The Winter Garden Times. Contractors, DIYers and weekend project warriors could hunt for great deals, such as Norelco light bulbs for 39 cents each, House-Cote exterior latex paint for $3.99 a gallon (white) and $4.49 (colors), a new mini bathroom vanity package for $39.95, shovels and rakes for $3.98, fertilizer spreaders for less than $19, plush pile carpeting for $3.99 per square yard, and sheet vinyl “no wax” flooring for $3.19 per square yard.


No doubt anticipating summer vacation, yet assiduously tending to their end-of-term projects, four Lakeview High School art students pose at a sketching site. Photographed in June 1971 are Gina Hinson, Mike Dion, Mike Meeks and Joann Nettles. Instructor Rod Reeves instructed many hundreds of art students during his tenure at both Lakeview and West Orange high schools.


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