Athlete of the Week - West Orange Times & Observer: Caitlyn Naginey

Caitlyn Naginey took her baseball skills to San Francisco, pitching in the championship game of the Baseball for All National Girls Tournament.

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  • | 2:45 p.m. August 11, 2016
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For a second consecutive summer, Winter Garden’s Caitlyn Naginey competed in the Baseball for All National Girls Tournament. However, unlike in 2015, when the tournament was in Osceola County, the 2016 event was in San Francisco. Caitlyn’s Sparks United team won the 16U Division, with Caitlyn pitching for the Sparks in the championship game — a 10-2 victory.


This year, you had to travel a tad bit further for the tournament. How did you raise the money necessary to travel to San Francisco?

It was really hard. We had friends (who) helped, and my mom went around to some companies.


How did you enjoy the trip?

It was really fun. I got to see stuff I haven’t seen before since I’ve never been to San Francisco. We went to Ocean Beach and it’s not like here — it’s all rocky and stuff. That was pretty cool.


What was it like having to get to know your teammates for the tournament on such short notice?

I really liked my teammates. Some of them, I went to Cooperstown (New York) with them last year. Some of them I didn’t know, but they were nice.


How was the tournament different this year?

There were more people, I think. Last year, I played 12U and this year I played 16U, so there were older girls (whom) I played with. (The competition) was better.


Who are your favorite baseball players?

I like Buster Posey and Bryce Harper. They’re just really good.


Which class this fall are you looking forward to the most?

I’m taking Algebra II. I like math because I’m good at it.


What do you like to do when you’re not playing baseball?

I just do random stuff — sometimes, I’ll be with friends and we’ll play basketball or something.


What are you looking forward to about high school?

I like that there is going to be more people and that it’s bigger. 


What is your non-sports related dream job?

I don’t know, specifically, but I want to do something with animals. I really like animals. I have two dogs — one is a yellow lab, his name is Casper; the other is a boxer and pug mix, his name is Pookie.


As an incoming freshman, will you be trying out for baseball or softball at West Orange?

I don’t know yet — I’m not sure.


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