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Southwest Orange Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020 1 year ago

Sports Spotlight: Marcela Scaramuzza, Windermere Prep swimming

Windermere Prep’s Marcela Scaramuzza was recently named a Scholastic All-American by U.S.A. Swimming
by: Troy Herring Former Sports Editor

A junior on the Windermere Prep swim team, Marcela Scaramuzza has dominated in the pool for the Lakers — especially in the 100 breast and 100 fly. She also was recently named a U.S.A. Swimming Scholastic All-American for a second year in a row.

When did you first get into swimming?

I was kind of forced into it by my parents — I used to do dance and my brother started swim at school. I was a little overweight as a child, so my parents kind of made me do it as a way to maintain health, and eventually I started progressing and I started falling in love with the sport.

What’s the biggest change that you’ve seen in yourself since you first started swimming?

I think the biggest change in me as a person is that swimming has given me so much confidence. When I walked on deck in sixth grade, I had no idea of my potential — I was just kind of doing it because I had to, and eventually as things progressed, I started to build my confidence and started to build myself as a person, and it definitely has taught me a lot of character and maturity as years have gone on.

What is your favorite part about swimming? 

I think my favorite part about swimming — aside from the sport itself — is the connections that you build with people. I know so many incredible athletes who have done so many incredible things through this sport, and I would never know these people if it wasn’t for swimming. 

Is there a highlight moment for you that stands out?

I’d have to say last year at states when I swam the 100 fly and I went 55.7, and that was just huge — I went from 57.2 to 55.7, and I was in shock. I left the pool crying and I had the flu (during) the entire states, so no one really expected anything from me.

You were recently named a Scholastic All-American by U.S.A. Swimming for a second year in a row. How does that feel?

Obviously it feels great to have recognition, especially for something that’s not just times — it’s also academic responsibilities. I feel like it’s great that U.S.A. Swimming combines that into one award, and I feel like that really highlights how much work we as student-athletes have to put in not only within our sports, but also academically to stay on track for college.

After a regular season that was affected by COVID-19, you all won the district title. What was that like?

This is our second district championship as a girls team, and I think after having the Citrus League meets where it was all virtual, it was really hard to stay focused and stay motivated throughout those. I think coming together at districts as a team and really putting in the effort was huge for us.

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