Sports Spotlight - West Orange Times & Observer: Bryce Adkinson

West Orange High junior Bryce Adkinson helped her Windermere Wildfire travel softball team place seventh in nation.

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  • | 12:30 p.m. August 23, 2018
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Bryce Adkinson is a junior at West Orange High and was an important part of the Windermere Wildfire 16U — Paulsen travel softball team that placed seventh in the nation recently. An outfielder, Adkinson has impressive range and does well at the plate, too. She has committed to play her college softball at Murray State.


What happened at the tournament after the team started 1-2 and was in danger of being sent home early?

All of us girls got together and had a little meeting about coming together as a team — at first we weren’t playing for each other. We came together and started playing together.


Of which win during the six-game winning streak are you most proud?

We lost the first game of bracket play, and we beat that team (in the losers’ bracket) — we beat them pretty bad, actually. We were fired up, because we knew this team was the team that knocked us out (of the winners’ bracket).


What was the favorite non-softball part of the trip to the Seattle area?

The trip was super fun — we got to see the Space Needle. My favorite part, because I don’t see snow that often, was when we went to Mount Rainier. We all had snowball fights and played in the snow for a couple hours.


Do you enjoy playing for the Wildfire alongside some of your rivals from the varsity season?

Yes, it’s super fun. We go to different high schools, and we play (there during the spring), but we’re all like sisters on this team, and we play well together.


What did you like about Murray State that led you to commit there?

Well, I’m country, and I like the country, and Kentucky is very country — it’s a small school and a small town. The coaches were a big part. They’re easy to talk to and comfortable.


What was your first season playing varsity at West Orange like last spring?

We all got hurt at the beginning — there were a bunch of us hurt. We didn’t do too hot at the beginning, and our coach (Todd LaNeave) had a heart attack. … At the end, we all came together and started winning — we took it all the way to state.


What’s the better feeling — getting an important hit or making a tough catch?

That’s hard. I’d have to say making a tough catch. I robbed one (from being a home run) over the summer, and it was pretty amazing.


What’s your favorite area of study at school?

P.E. — athletic stuff. 


Do you have hobbies outside of softball?

I like to hunt and fish. We go to Ocala and hunt and Englewood to fish. I like hunting — we hunt with dogs.


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