PIGSKIN PREVIEW 2022: The First Academy

The Royals' first game will take place at 7 p.m., Aug. 19, against Lakeland Christian.

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The First Academy Royals are excited and ready to step onto the field to kick off the 2022-23 football season. 

“The expectation is always to make playoffs,” head football coach Leroy Kinard said. 

There have been a few changes in the coaching staff prior to the new season. The team welcomed a new defensive coordinator, a new defensive back coach, a new director of football operations and a new offensive line coach, among others. 

“That’s a lot of change in one season,” Kinard said. “The players understand that we are trying to create a better structure internally. They have really grasped onto it, and they run with it like wildfire. They like the coaches, they are solid guys, they know football, and they are relationship-builders, so we are really excited about it.”

This year, the team is part of the same district as Orlando Christian Prep and Foundation Academy, two teams that offer good competition during the season. 

“Those teams are very good football teams and teams that have made the playoffs multiple years,” Kinard said. “We are in there with Orangewood and Trinity Prep as well. So, if we can somehow get a couple wins in the district, then we’ll have a good shot.” 

Some players to keep an eye on this season are quarterback James McGinn; defensive end Fransisco Camanducci; the team’s two safeties, Minor Jones and Trey Newsome; defensive back JR Millar; receiver Grady Rewis; and tight end Cameron Case. 

“I know it’s probably a lot of people, but that’s how our team is structure,” Kinard said. “We may now have a solid alpha, but we have a lot of very solid players, so because of that, we feel as if it gives us an opportunity to be very productive.” 



Andrea Mujica

Staff writer Andrea Mujica covers sports, news and features. She holds both a bachelor's degree in journalism and an MBA from the University of Central Florida. When she’s not on the sidelines, you can find Andrea coaching rowers at the Orlando Area Rowing Society in Windermere.

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