Winter Garden approves ban on medical marijuana retail facilities, rezoning for 11-home community, Beulah commerce center

Winter Garden leaders approved the rezoning for a 12.54-acre Beulah Commerce Center, an  11-home community on Plant Street, and a ban on medical marijuana retail dispensaries.

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  • | 7:58 p.m. July 28, 2017
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Rezoning for 12.54-acre Beulah Commerce Center

Commissioners approved the rezoning of 12.54 acres land located in the northeast corner of Beulah and Stagg roads for the proposed construction of five buildings that will comprise the Beulah Commerce Center. According to city documents, the developer plans to use the first two buildings as flex-space units which will house more commercial-oriented uses. The third building would be dedicated to Prevost Bus Operations, and the last two buildings would serve as covered storage for Boat, RV and Auto Storage of West Orange. 

Ban on Medical Marijuana Retail Dispensaries 

City leaders gave the final OK to ban Marijuana Treatment Center Dispensing Facilities from being located within city limits. The ordinance includes a provision that states if Florida statutes are amended to eliminate the restrictions placed on municipal governments regarding the regulation of proposed dispensaries, the city will instead establish an automatic one-year moratorium on the acceptance of the dispensaries in order to give city staff time to evaluate the changes in the state law and how it affects their ability to regulate dispensaries. The one-year moratorium might also be terminated early via a city resolution or ordinance.

Rezoning for proposed 11-home community

The commission also passed an ordinance that rezones 3.07 acres of land at the northeast corner of Plant Street and Brayton Road. The applicant for the rezoning plans to develop the area with 11 single-family homes. The proposed residential development, named Garden West, will have a common recreation area, perimeter landscaping and a connection to the West Orange Trail.

City leaders approved a contract with L7 Construction amounting to $3,696,001.98 for a project that will collect stormwater at Bradford Park and Crest Avenue (Lulu Creek) and, after treatment, introduce it into the City’s reuse system.


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