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After concluding the spring season for the Olympia Titans football team with an interception in the spring game against Wekiva, rising junior defensive back Andrew Wilkins has been a leader all summer as he and his teammates progress through a strength training and conditioning regimen.

How important do you think the summer is — both for the team and for you as an individual?

It’s very important. It helps the team with chemistry, getting us all together. Basically, it prepares us for the season because during the season we have to prepare for specific games.

Coach Kyle Hayes says you are always on time and present every day you need to be. Is that punctuality specific to football for you, or is that how you approach everything?

I’d say both— but mostly football. I love football; that’s like my whole life.

Is it true that, sometimes, rather than miss practice or a lifting session, you’ll ride your bike from Orlo Vista to the school?

I ride the bike if I have to, if I don’t have a ride. I’m not going to miss practice because I don’t have a ride.

What’s your favorite part of the summer training, and what’s your least favorite?

My least favorite is punishment or when we have to do extra because we’re not doing what we’re supposed to be doing. My favorite part is when we have competitions and compete against each other.

What’s your favorite lift, and what is a lift you’d like to improve?

My favorite lift is probably the bench press. I have to improve on clean-and-jerk; learning the technique.

How long have you been playing the defensive backfield, and what do you enjoy about it?

I’ve been playing (defensive back) since freshman year. I would play offense, but on defense it’s like you go get after it more. Offense, every play, you don’t decide if you get the ball — but on defense, you decide if you’re going to get the tackle and make the play.

You guys obviously have a new coaching staff on campus. How’s the summer going from a chemistry standpoint?

Everyone gets along. We like the coaching staff.

Looking at the upcoming schedule, do you think the team can surprise some people this fall?

We’re going to surprise people. We’re going to have a winning record.

Is there one game in particular you have circled on the schedule?

Dr. Phillips. I know a lot of guys on the team. I want to beat them because they’re our rivals.

What’s your favorite thing about school?

I like learning about science.

What do you like to do with your free time?

I like to go out with the football team. Sometimes, we’ll go to each other’s house. Sometimes, someone will suggest working out. We’ll go out to eat — just getting to know each other.

Do you have a favorite video game to play?

I like playing NBA 2K and Madden.

What’s your dream car?

An all-white Maserati — with white rims and white tires.

Do you participate in any other sports?

Freshman year, I ran track. That got my speed better. I’ll go to a court and play basketball, but not for a team.

When and where did your football career begin?

Third grade; I played in the city league. 

— Steven Ryzewski


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