Windermere Council meeting set for Oct. 25

Tonight, the Windermere council will discuss ordinances concerning a temporary moratorium on medical cannabis facilities, the town's financial borrowing limits and trash containers.

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  • | 4:54 p.m. October 25, 2016
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1. Temporary moratorium on medical cannabis business

Ordinance 2016-07, regarding the recent state legislation approved involving medical cannabis, will see its first reading. The purpose of the ordinance is to place a temporary moratorium on medical cannabis dispensing businesses for a period of time to allow the town council time to determine proper regulations regarding such businesses and facilities. The moratorium would prohibit the issuance of development permits and local business tax receipts to persons or entities engaged in medical cannabis activities. If approved, the moratorium would expire May 23, 2017, or earlier if the council approves to repeal the moratorium by a majority vote once an impact report by city staff shows no adverse effects on the health, welfare and safety of the town.

2. Revision to town charter's borrowing limitation 

The Windermere council will consider an ordinance to create two amendments to section 49 of the current town charter. Section 49 of the charter pertains to rules that limit the town's borrowing ability. Windermere feels that the current limits severely inhibit the town's ability to borrow money for necessary capital improvements. The first optional amendment seeks to avoid letting the town incur debt that would increase the town's aggregate debt payments in any fiscal year to more than 10 percent of the general operating budget unless that debt is first approved by a majority vote of town electors voting in the referendum for that purpose. The second optional amendment would prohibit the town from incurring new non-emergency debt that exceeds 30 percent of the general operating budget for that fiscal year unless it is first approved by a majority vote.

3. Rules for trash containers

Due to some complaints the town has received from individuals about residents leaving their trash by the road after scheduled trash collection times, the council is considering the first reading of an amendment that will clarify removal and location requirements for residential garbage. The amendment would require that trash be placed no more than three feet from the street right-of-way earlier than 5 p.m. on day proceeding a designated trash pick-up day.

View the whole agenda for tonight's Windermere council meeting here


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