West Orange Observer: Sports Spotlight — Drew Flournoy

Football hits the spot for Drew Flournoy, of the Horizon West Wolverines 14U team

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  • | 4:30 p.m. August 8, 2019
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A rising eighth-grader at Bridgewater Middle School, Drew Flournoy is hoping to have a big year in his first season with the Horizon West Wolverines 14U football team. Flournoy plays at both tackle and linebacker, and his favorite part of playing is tackling.


What first got you into playing football?

I’ve been playing for five years, and my family has been playing for quite a long time. It’s my favorite sport as well.


What makes it your favorite sport?

I’m perfect for this sport — I’m big and it makes me a good football player.


Who did you play with before you got here?

I played for the West Orange Wildcats — I was there for one year, and I played back in Palm Harbor for three years.


What are your goals for this upcoming season?

Definitely get stronger, faster and work harder — all the things to help me get better.


Is there one thing you really enjoy about football?

I’m ready to hit. Hitting is fun for me.


What’s the hardest thing about playing football?

Conditioning and just getting back into the flow of football.


If you could play at another position and dominate, what position would you want to play?

Defensive end, because I just want to tackle someone.


Is football something you’d like to play in high school?

Oh most definitely. I’ve thought about the pros and cons, but there is definitely more pros.


Would you eventually want to play college football?

If I’m given the opportunity then yes, but if no, then I’d go figure something else to do.


What would you say are the best words of advice you’ve been given about playing football?

Don’t give up, keep working hard and try your hardest. They’re simple things, but they’re very important.


Do you have a specific player or team you like watching?

Tim Tebow — he was the quarterback at Florida. He was my favorite, even though he was a quarterback.


Say you eventually get drafted by an NFL team — who would you want to play for?

The Pittsburgh Steelers. There’s just something about that team that I like. My dad was a ballboy for them, my brother is actually up there right now being a ballboy, and hopefully in three years I can go be a ballboy for them.


How do you prepare for a game? What’s your routine?

I have to tell myself to go out there and work my hardest, and I have to do things to help get me pumped up and prepared.