WOTO Sports Spotlight: Erika Pearson Couch

Erika Pearson Couch enjoys staying active as a member of CrossFit Winter Garden,.

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  • | 12:11 p.m. July 18, 2019
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A member of CrossFit Winter Garden, Erika Pearson Couch didn’t know what to expect when she joined the gym, but since then she’s found a community that supports her endeavor to stay healthy and in-shape. And with the soon arrival of a grandchild, the native Kentuckian has all the more reason to get healthy.


How did you first get into CrossFit?

Actually, the company that I work for, Kelly’s Foods — my boss decided he was going to pay the larger portion of the membership. CrossFit was something that I always wanted to do, but was financially unable to do.


What has been your favorite thing about doing CrossFit?

My favorite thing is just the community and the support that the other members give you. Last week, I was doing a really, really hard workout, and one of the guys who was working out with me and on my very last run, he went out and ran the 400 with me — even though he was done with his workout.


What was it like when you first started?

I had not ever done any CrossFit workouts. I had done some Boot Camps a few times, but it’s completely different than CrossFit, because CrossFit involves not only the cardio aspect of it, but also the strengthening aspect with the weights. 


What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself since you started?

Probably the strength — I’m lifting more than I ever thought I would ever be able to lift. 


For you, what’s the hardest part about CrossFit?

Probably just the same as any other workout regimen. It’s just staying consistent and staying motivated to go everyday, because the workouts do get difficult — especially this time of the year when it’s 100 degrees or so.


Do you have a favorite workout you like to do?

I like kettlebells — just about any weightlifting I enjoy doing. I like to deadlift, I like to back squat — those are some of my favorite things.


Is there one workout that you absolutely hate?

I don’t like doing wall balls. That’s where, for women, you throw a 14-pound ball to the 9-foot mark — you squat down, you throw the ball to the 9-foot mark, you catch it, you go into the squat and you throw it back up to the 9-foot mark.


What do you hope to get out of doing CrossFit?

I think that I’ll definitely stick with it for the long term. I just hope to be healthier — I’m not a young lady, so I hope to stay healthy as long as I can. I have a grandbaby coming in a couple of months, so being able to do things that I want to do and be physically able to do them is important to me.


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