Orange Observer: Sports Spotlight — Rebecca Sealy

Windermere Prep senior lacrosse star Rebecca “Becca” Sealy will continue her education at the University of Chicago.

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  • | 12:20 p.m. April 29, 2020
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A senior on the Windermere Prep girls lacrosse team, Rebecca “Becca” Sealy was named the team’s defensive captain going into her final year as a Laker. After graduation, she’ll continue her studies at the University of Chicago, where she hopes to start up a club lacrosse team.


When did you first get into lacrosse?

I started playing when I was in third grade. It was kind of a chance thing — my mom just saw there was a club nearby and thought it would be fun, and I ended up liking it.

What has kept you motivated to stay in the game?

First of all, the team at Windermere Prep is just so bonded, and we really enjoy spending time with one another. That is a really big part of it — being able to spend time with the team. And then the sport of lacrosse is just so much fun to me.

You were named the defensive captain for your senior season. Did that affect your game in any way?

I was really honored to be elected defensive captain — it was really cool to know that my team trusts me to lead our defense on the field. It kind of forced me to be aware — not just aware of myself on the field — but of myself and my whole team and what everyone is doing and how they are playing on the field.

What is your favorite thing about playing defense? What’s the most challenging part?

The really cool part of defense is that playing defense means you’re kind of one of the last-resort people that your team trusts to stop the other team from scoring after the ball has already made its way down. I’d say the most challenging part is being aware of not just yourself, but of the whole field, where the ball is. … You really have to see the whole field when you’re playing defense.

Is there a highlight moment that stands out?

One of my favorite moments — for sure — would be the end of last season, because last season we went undefeated in our school’s lacrosse history, which was so much fun. And then I’d also say coming into this season, we started playing different teams this year that were a little more competitive, and we had our first really big defeat this year after an undefeated season last year. But that game, we had such high energy that game, and our team really managed to still have a good time and still love the sport even though we did lose the game.

What happens after you graduate?

I’m going to the University of Chicago. They don’t have a girls club lacrosse team there, so I’m not sure if I’ll get to keep playing lacrosse because I’m probably not going to play varsity. I would love to start a club team there or — either way — find someway to keep playing lacrosse.


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