West Orange Times & Observer: Sports Spotlight — Jaden Oyola

Legacy Charter outfielder Jaden Oyola hopes to grow his game throughout his second season on the team.

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  • | 11:46 a.m. February 19, 2020
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A sophomore on the Legacy Charter High School baseball team, Jaden Oyola is being looked to as a key component on head coach Jack Chambless’ squad. Oyola has been around the sport for most of his life, and his hope for this season is to have his team go undefeated. 


When did you first get into baseball?

I got into baseball when I was about 6 years old, and I got into the sport because my mom got me a bat and a ball for my birthday, and I started hitting it. I looked pretty good, so they put me in the sport.


What has been your favorite thing about playing at Legacy?

Probably coach (Jack) Chambless teaching us how to respect the game a lot more.


What are the best words of advice that you’ve been given about baseball?

Just to have fun playing baseball.


What is the most challenging part about playing in the outfield? The most fun aspect?

The most challenging part would probably be the sun in your eyes all the time, and my favorite part is gunning people out.


As far as the game goes, what is the most challenging aspect?

Just dedicating your time to it.


Do you have a highlight moment that stands out for you during your time at Legacy?

Last year (my freshman year) I got a line drive hit to me — it was a home game against Master’s — and the ball had so much backspin that when it hit my glove it automatically came out. I saw him going two, and I just threw it my hardest and I got him out by a mile. It was lit.


Coming into this season, did you have any goals in mind that you were hoping to accomplish?

I’d like to go undefeated — I think we have a good chance, because we have a pretty good ball team this year. And I’d like to see everybody hitting over .300, too.


What’s been the biggest change that you’ve seen in yourself on the field since your freshman year?

It would probably be my confidence, because last year coming in as a freshman I didn’t really think I was good enough, so I played down. But this year I changed my whole mindset, and I feel like I can be the greatest.


What goes through your mind when you’re tracking a ball?

It’s just trusting yourself, basically. Once the bat hits the ball you’re always on the move in the outfield, so you have to trust yourself and you have to trust where you believe the ball is going to go, and trust yourself that you can make it to the ball.


When you get free time, what do you enjoy doing?

I like hanging out with my church family, I like picking up the Bible a lot and I also like playing video games. I like to play (Call of Duty) Modern Warfare right now.


If you could have your perfect meal after a game, what would it be?

My Aunt Jen, she makes the greatest baked ziti in the world, so I’ll have baked ziti with some garlic bread and a cup of red juice.


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