Budget breakdown: Ocoee Fiscal Year 2020-21

A quick look at some of the highlights within the adopted Ocoee FY 2020-21 budget.

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  • | 10:10 a.m. October 7, 2020
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The Ocoee City Commission set both its millage rate and budget for FY 2020-21 during its final budget public hearing Wednesday, Sept. 23.

The millage rate was officially set at 5.15 mills — down from the 2019-20 millage rate of 5.25 — and the total budget was set at $85,588,383 with a general fund of $52,988,188. The final total budget and general fund budget went up following adjustments after the tentative budget hearing Wednesday, Sept. 9.

The operating fund — which includes the general fund, storm water, CRA, water/wastewater and solid waste/sanitation — for 2021 is $80,463,084, with the largest item being the general fund, which makes up 65.8% of the operating fund; the general fund also makes up 61.9% of the overall budget.

While some departments saw cuts to their budgets — including street operations and fleet maintenance — many saw increases this year. The department that saw the largest increase was the police department — from $12,469,664 to $13,202,266, an increase of $732,602.

“We have enjoyed a very healthy growth cycle for several years now, and while the pandemic has caused economic disruption and will likely continue to in the near future, there is reason for continued optimism for Ocoee and its citizens,” City Manager Robert Frank said. “We enter this year with optimism that we will pull past the pandemic and continue our economic prosperity, and may take comfort in the fact that our hard work to be fiscally sustainable will get us through this remarkable period in history.”

General Fund Expenditure


Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan for Major Buildings

Project name: City police gun range

Description/Five-year total: Clean up old range ($100,000; 2020-21), Construct new range ($100,000; 2021-22)

Project name: Police headquarters building

Description/Five-year total: Administration privacy area and sound proofing ($150,000; 2020-21), interior remodel ($10,000, 2020-21), reconfigure control bay and CID bull pen ($100,000, 2020-21), reconfigure training rooms to support larger groups ($150,000; 2020-21)

Project name: Withers-Maguire House

Description/Five-year total: Annual museum exhibit display upgrades: support for rotating exhibits ($100,000; $25,000 in 2020-21/2021-22/2022-23/undisclosed year)

Project name: City Hall campus

Description/Five-year total: Site Development & Building; Civil Site Work; Parking; Site Plan and assigned features ($26,419,571 total; $22 million in 2020-21/rest in undisclosed time)

Project name: Fire station 

Description/Five-year total: Fire Station - Permanent ($6.5 million; 2021-22)

Capital requests: Street operations


Capital requests: Parks


Capital requests: Stormwater


Capital requests: CRA



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