Athlete of the Week: Veronica Shulman

Horizon sophomore won the Hawks their first district title in swimming after winning the 50-yard freestyle at the Class 2A-District 5 swim meet.

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  • | 11:38 a.m. November 4, 2021
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Veronica Shulman is a sophomore swimmer for the Horizon High School Hawks. Shulman qualified for states last year as a freshman at Windermere before coming to Horizon. She gave the Hawks their first individual district title in the 50-yard freestyle at the Class 2A, District 5 championships Oct. 21, at Rosen Aquatic Center. Shulman posted a time of 25.27 to win the event. She formerly swam with Southwest Aquatics in Winter Garden. 

How long have you been swimming? 

I’ve been swimming for four years now. 

How did you get involved in the sport? 

When I went to my grandmother’s, there was a pool by her house. I thought it was cool. I had not joined any sports in the area, so I chose swimming. I enjoyed it, because it was the first sport I did not feel my own sweat. I liked it. 

You won Horizon’s first district title in swimming. Describe your feelings.

It was very rewarding. I was pretty proud of myself, (because) I quit club swimming and still managed to do it. I was surprised. 

Describe what was going through your head before and during the race. 

My dad was timing for my line, and he was cheering me on. I couldn’t hear myself think, so I went ‘Dad, stop.’ When I (dived) in, all my nerves went away, and I was going on instinct. ‘Don’t breathe,’ ‘Don’t breathe,’ ‘Turn,’ ‘Don’t breathe.’ Then, I hit the wall. I didn’t see (the number one by my name). I saw the person who was next time, she was faster going into the meet. Her name was on the board, so I knew I got first place, because we were neck-and-neck. 

Who is your favorite Olympic swimmer? 

Cody Miller or Caeleb Dressel. I used to watch Cody’s vlogs all the time; he’s so funny. 

What is it about Dressel you admire? 

I admire his enthusiasm and how he acts with his other teammates. He’s supportive of all his other teammates in relays and such. I aspire to be like that. 

Favorite movie? 

“Some Like It Hot.”

What are some of your hobbies outside of swimming? 

I like sewing, though I am not very good at it. I like doing it because it’s fun. I once mended these jeans correctly, because I have to fix all my clothes. They looked like they were bought from the store, so that made me proud. I also make short home movies and things like that, which I also do at Horizon. 

What is your favorite part of the fall? 

I like the weather that’s up north with the orange leaves, and there’s a smell in the air of dried leaves. It also gets chilly. 

Favorite Halloween candy? 


Favorite Halloween memory?

My family and I always go all out for Halloween. When we used to live in Georgia, we made this big spiderweb that hung off the side of our house. My dad built this jumping spider that would launch at people. I remember setting it up with him. It was so funny watching everyone get scared of it. 

What’s an interesting thing about you no one would expect to know? 

I don’t like animals. Specifically, I don’t like fish or anything in the water.