The Foundation Academy sophomore point guard was named a 2nd Team All-American on Jan. 10.

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Zoe Sedo is a sophomore point guard for Foundation Academy and has proved to be a valuable contributor to the Lions this season. She is third on the team in scoring, averaging 10.5 points per game, and leads in assists with four per game and steals with 3.7 per game. On Jan. 10, Sedo was named an EXOS Select 50 2nd Team All-American as one of only two representatives from Florida. She has been at Foundation Academy since the eighth grade. 

How does it feel to be named an All-American? 

It felt really good. All of my hard work paid off, and it feels very well-deserved. I’m very excited to reach new goals. 

What do you like about playing for Foundation? 

The family around me. We’re all family — my team, my teachers, my coaches, everyone. They all support me in everything I do, and that’s the greatest thing I have here, is the support from everybody. 

How do you feel about how the team has performed so far this year? 

We have had a rough start trying to mesh all of our different players together, but now we finally have good chemistry. If we keep going like this and playing aggressive, we are going to take it very far playing together. 

Highlight of the season? 

Developing my role as leader. My team named me captain, so working on encouraging everybody, because that’s been my weakness — being a team leader. I’ve worked on that this year. I’ve tried to bring positive energy to everywhere we go. I’m the loudest one — my teammates get very annoyed— but I’m the loudest one and encouraging. It’s something a team really needs. 

What’s your favorite subject in school? 

My chemistry class. It’s my favorite class, because I love science and math. 

What are you thinking of pursuing in college? 

I want to work in behavioral and psychology to become a behavior analyst. I want to own group homes and help kids with disabilities live a better life. It’s a family business; my dad and my uncles are all in it. I love working with kids, so I think I’d be really good in that. 

With districts coming up, what’s one thing you feel the team needs to do to succeed? 

There are two things. One is working together, using all of our pieces correctly and meshing together. Another thing is being aggressive; going out hard every game, putting it all out on the court every day, going for the loose ball. All the little things are what’s going to make us great this year. 

Favorite movie? 

“Matilda.” I’ve loved that movie since I was little. 

TV or Netflix show you’re watching now? 

“Money Heist” — great show. I love the thrill of it and not knowing what’s going to happen. It’s exciting. 

Favorite basketball player? 

I have two. One that I like is Trae Young, because I play like him a lot and use some of the things he does, especially with how he motivates himself. The other one I like is Zach LaVine, because I’m a Chicago Bulls fan. I like a lot of the other Bulls players too, though. 

Which of the Bulls’ championship teams is your favorite? 

The 1995-96 Bulls team. They were great, nothing else to really say about them. I loved the way they played in terms of the confidence they had. I love confidence in basketball players. Players like Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman had plenty of that. 

Favorite food? 

Pizza. (Because) I’m vegetarian, I go for a cheese pizza with a lot of vegetables on it such as green peppers, spinach, and — for my own spin — honey and sriracha sauce on it. It’s so good, because it’s spicy and sweet at the same time. 

Favorite ice cream flavor? 

Cookies ’n’ creme. 

Universal or Disney? 

Universal — my favorite ride is Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. It’s so much fun. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

Thailand, because I like to see different cultures and different ways of living. It’s amazing to me to study those cultures. I’ve always wanted to visit there. 


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