Forty-four OCPS schools are without power or partial power

Orange County Public Schools officials believe schools will be able to open Monday, Oct. 3.

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Orange County Public Schools has completed its assessment of all schools and district facilities.

Although the district overall had limited damage to 210 school sites, there are a few schools at which the impacts were higher than most. The district believes schools will be able to reopen Monday, Oct. 3, as long as electrical power is restored. 

Currently, the district has 44 schools without power or partial power. The district is working with its electricity providers to restore power and get schools back up and running by Monday. 

The Observer has asked for a list of the 44 schools without power or partial power. We will update this post when we receive that list.

The First Academy, Foundation Academy and Windermere Preparatory School all announced they would reopen Monday, Oct. 3.

Updates will be posted on and our district Facebook and Twitter pages. 



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