Xerox to open September at West Oaks Mall.

Xerox currently is hiring for its new call center, which opens next week at West Oaks Mall.

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OCOEE The Xerox call center in the West Oaks Mall opens Sept. 1. 

The facility will be home to a call center, which will take calls for the SunPass program. 

SunPass is a Florida program that allows people traveling on toll roads to prepay tolls. When the car drives through a toll plaza with a SunPass transponder, the money is automatically deducted from the user’s prepaid account. 

When the facility becomes fully operational in 2017, employees there will manage five million SunPass customer accounts across the state. Additionally, employees will process one billion toll transactions each year. 

“It will bring several hundred jobs to the local community while providing incremental business to the retail outlets,” said Carl Langsenkamp, director of public relations for the Xerox Corporation. 

Safety and space were key reasons why Xerox chose the West Oaks Mall. 

“Our goal is to ensure we provide employment opportunities in a safe environment,” Rich Bastan, group president for Xerox Transportation, who is working on the Ocoee Xerox. “The West Oaks Mall is an ideal location because it offers ample parking in a safe environment. The space also provides for future expansion.”

Nikki Fosnaugh, merchandise supervisor at JC Penney at West Oaks Mall, said the addition should help neighboring businesses.

“I think it’s going to bring more stores into the mall, especially the food court,” Fosnaugh said. “I think it’s going to bring more restaurants into the mall, because these people are going to be there for at least eight hours a day. They’re going to have to have their hour lunch, have somewhere to eat if they don’t bring their food — they’re going to want to shop at the stores.” 

Fosnaugh is an outspoken advocate of West Oaks Mall and also an administrator on the Winter Garden Rants, Raves and Reviews group.

“At least two or three times a week, I’ll have customers come into the store and say, ‘Aren’t you the admin for the Rants, Raves and Reviews group?’ and I always have to say, Yes,’” she said. “Having things like that helps bring people into the mall, too, because they’re curious, especially with me because I’m always like hardcore, ‘Don’t bash West Oaks.’ I think they’re intrigued of why I want to be there so badly.”


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Want a job? 

Xerox’s new location at the West Oaks Mall currently has job listings posted on Xerox’s website. Currently, the company is seeking a service delivery manager and assistant operations manager and client services analyst. The West Oaks Mall also will provide a couple hundred call-center jobs. 

To browse the job listings on Xerox’s website, visit


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