One man tried gaining entrance to his ex-girlfriend's home by way of helping her with groceries and one woman nearly stole $900 worth of merchandise.

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July 24, 3343 block of Daniels Road: At approximately 4:50 p.m. an officer responded to a large department store in reference to a theft. The officer was informed a female suspect entered the store around noon, grabbed a shopping cart and began placing merchandise inside it. She then grabbed a black duffle bag, removed the paper stuffing and starting concealing items in it. She then grabbed two lamp shades, covered the duffle bag and other items in her shopping cart under it and exited the store. The woman then returned to the store around 2 p.m. and returned one of the lamp shades that she did not purchase for store credit. The woman then went walking around the store once more while placing items in a shopping cart and passed all points of sale without paying for any of the items. A loss prevention officer and a witness to the incident stopped her and attempted to bring her back into the store but she purposefully fell to the ground. When she got up again, she ran through the store and out the exit but was apprehended by a nearby police officer. The approximate value of all the items she had stolen amounted to $900. The woman was charged with four counts including petit theft, resisting a merchant, retail theft and resisting an officer without violence.

July 26, 136 block of Desiree Aurora Street: Around 9:20 p.m. an officer was dispatched to a residence due to reports of an unwanted guest. The female caller reported she was getting groceries from her car when she noticed her ex-boyfriend approaching her driveway. The woman told her ex-boyfriend to leave, but the ex continually refused and stated they needed to talk. The ex-boyfriend then picked up some of her leftover groceries from her trunk to bring them in but the woman again told him to leave. The ex-boyfriend reportedly grew agitated at this point and started to raise his voice. The woman stated she could tell he had been drinking. The woman tried to close the door to her residence but the ex-boyfriend started pushing back on the door, preventing her from closing it. She threatened to call 911 and when she began to dial, the ex-boyfriend grabbed the phone out of her hand and threw it. The woman then successfully closed the door and called 911. The ex-boyfriend was arrested.


July 28, 701 block of Lyman Ave: At approximately 2 a.m. an officer responded to reports of an alleged burglary in progress. According to the caller, he walked outside to smoke a cigarette when he heard the door handle to his brother’s car click. The caller then walked closer to the car and noticed someone standing by his brother’s car. The suspect then walked to the front of the truck and saw the caller. The caller then returned inside his home, called 911 and woke up his nephew. The nephew then went outside and detained the suspect until officers arrived. According to the owner of the car, items previously contained in the glove compartment and center console were strewn all over the seats. The suspect was charged with burglary of conveyance and petit theft.


July 28, West Fourth Avenue: Around 1 a.m. an officer traveling westbound on Conroy Windermere Road observed a black vehicle two cars ahead of them swerving in and out of its travel lane. The officer conducted a stop and noticed the driver was yelling and screaming. When asked why the driver was screaming the driver stated he was wondering why someone had the high beam lights on. As the officer informed the driver he did not have high beam lights on, the officer recognized the odor of alcohol coming from the driver’s breath. Upon being questioned, the driver said he’d consumed two beers. At that point, the officer had the driver perform field sobriety exercises. The driver performed poorly and was arrested. During transport to a DUI testing facility, the driver continuously asked where they were going and if the officer was a real cop, as he had seen several TV shows that depict fake cops. The officer assured the driver he was not a fake cop and that he would not injure him. The driver subsequently provided two breath samples reading 0.183 and 0.187.


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