COPS CORNER 02.20.17

One man nearly punched an Oakland police officer while his intoxicated husband soiled himself in a policeman's patrol vehicle.

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  • | 8:41 p.m. February 19, 2017
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Feb. 7, 3202 block of Daniels Road: A white male driving an SUV was asking for money at multiple fuel pumps in a gas station. A police officer conducted a traffic stop on the SUV as the driver attempted to leave upon arrival of local law enforcement. The driver provided law enforcement an invalid Florida ID. It was discovered the driver's vehicle was registered to someone from Mississippi, although the driver said it belonged to his "friend Steve." As a second officer contacted the proper vehicle owner's insurance company, the driver began complaining of chest pain. The Winter Garden Fire Department was called in and the driver was transported to Winter Garden Florida Hospital for further medical attention.  The second officer's investigation revealed that the truck had not been reported stolen and the owner would not be pressing charges if his truck was returned immediately.

Feb. 10, 13236 Daniels Landing Circle: A woman trying to leave her home for a doctor's appointment was delayed because she was unable to exit her driveway as it was partially blocked by a parked vehicle. To obtain the vehicle occupant's attention, the woman honked her car's horn. After several attempts, the woman approached the vehicle. As she approached, the white male driver stumbled out of the car and said, "I'm messed up." The woman recognized the smell of alcohol emanating from his vehicle and backed away he walked toward her. She promptly closed the garage door and remained in her home until officers arrived later. The officers attempted to conduct a sobriety test on the driver but decided to cut it short when it become clear he could hurt himself while performing the sobriety exercises. At a DUI testing center, the driver refused to submit to a breath test and was issued a DUI citation.


Feb. 10, 8937 block of W. Colonial Drive: An officer responded to a call regarding a theft at Once Upon a Child. The theft involved a customer who had forgotten their wallet on a register counter and returned to find it gone. Surveillance footage showed a nearby black female with red hair picking it up and placing it in her purse. The suspected thief said she did not have the wallet when questioned by an officer. When informed the wallet's owner would not press charges if the wallet was returned immediately, the female said she had left it on a shelf. The suspected thief then directed the officer to a shoe box, which had the missing wallet. The wallet was returned to the owner, but the owner claimed $600 in cash was missing. The suspected thief said she did not have the money, so the officer placed her in handcuffs while the store was searched. The search was unsuccessful.  The thief then confessed she placed the money inside some clothes in the store, so the officers followed the thief to where she had supposedly left the money, but the money was not there. The thief was arrested for grand theft of the third degree and possession of drug paraphernalia due to a pill bottle inside her purse containing cocaine residue.


Feb. 11, West Colonial Drive: An officer on patrol witnessed a vehicle run a red light while traveling 79 mph in a 45 mph speed zone. The officer conducted a traffic stop at the intersection of West Colonial Drive and Remington Road and noticed the smell of alcohol when asking the driver for his license and registration. When asked if he had anything to drink recently, the driver responded that he had consumed a couple glasses of wine. Both men were then asked to exit the vehicle while a backup officer arrived so a DUI investigation may be conducted. The driver failed to perform the sobriety exercises correctly and was placed under arrest. However, the officer then assisted the backup officer in arresting the passenger who became aggressive as well. When the officer returned to the patrol vehicle, he realized the first arrestee had soiled himself, with feces.

Feb. 11, West Colonial Drive: The male passenger of a vehicle, which was stopped for speeding and running a red light became aggressive while his husband – the driver of the vehicle – was tested for intoxication. As one of the two present law enforcement officers conducted a DUI investigation, the passenger, who was noticeably intoxicated as well became verbally combatant. According to a police report, the passenger paced back and forth and said, "You motherf------ are just trying to fill up your quotas.” The passenger continued to blurt out profanities, and when the driver was secured in handcuffs, the passenger grew angrier and said the officers were pieces of s--- who needed to die. The passenger was told to calm down, but he instead clenched his teeth and balled his right fist, raising it to strike an officer. The officer grabbed the passenger's fist and arrested him with the assistance of his colleague. 


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