A Winter Garden man was found napping on the side of the road in his car, and an Oakland man was discovered sleeping soundly through several light cycles at an intersection.

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  • | 1:34 p.m. June 20, 2017
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May 28, Avalon Road. Around 3:45 a.m., an officer driving on Avalon Road spotted a vehicle parked in the grass on the west side of the road with both the headlights and turning signal on. The officer approached the vehicle and saw a man sleeping across the two front seats. The officer then knocked on the window, and the man woke up only to look at the officer and return to sleep. The officer again, which failed to the awaken the man. With the officer’s third attempt, the man sat up, grabbed his phone, looked out the window, picked up a Guinness bottle and threw in the back seat. The man then opened the driver’s window, displaying disorientation. The officer asked for the man’s paperwork and if he would be willing to submit to a field sobriety exercise test. The man agreed but failed to perform the sobriety exercises per the officer’s instruction. At a DUI testing center, breath tests revealed the man’s blood alcohol level ranged from 0.201 and 0.217.

June 4, 13501 block of West Colonial Drive. Around noon, an officer responded to a gas station in reference to a report of a shoplifting. A store manager told the officer they had witnessed the shoplifting suspect go into the beer cooler, select two 18-packs of Heineken beer and exit the business via the rear door without paying. The suspect then allegedly re-entered the store and grabbed a 12-pack case of Bud Light beer just to leave without paying again. The male suspect, who was found to have four prior convictions for theft, allegedly tried to steal $58.97 worth of beer and was charged with petit theft.


June 4, 1720 block of East Silver Star Road. Around 7 p.m., law-enforcement officers responded to a call about shoplifting at a supermarket and spoke with a loss prevention employee who stated that a woman was seen trying to steal $81.41 worth of merchandise. The loss prevention employee explained the woman had selected three packages of razor blades and placed them next to her purse in her shopping cart.  She then headed to the household aisle and selected six packages of Glade Air Freshener Refills, placing them on top of the razors. The employee then said the woman concealed the Glade Refills in her purse and selected two mop refills and concealed them into her purse as well. The woman then walked out of the store without paying for the concealed merchandise. Officer found $96 in cash within her purse as well. The woman was arrested and trespassed from the supermarket.


June 4, Remington Road. Around 4:45 a.m., an officer on patrol observed a white Ford Explorer stopped in the left-turn lane at an intersection. The vehicle, which had its turn signal on, remained at the intersection for approximately five to 10 minutes through about six light cycles. The officer and a backup officer approached the vehicle and observed a man sound asleep in the diver’s seat. Both officers made several attempts to wake the man up by knocking on the windows and doors to no avail. One officer used his sirens, which also did not work. After some time, the man eventually woke up of his own accord and lowered the driver’s window. An officer noticed a strong odor of cannabis once the window was fully lowered. The officer asked the man to exit the vehicle and asked if there was anything illegal in the car, to which the man replied, “Not that I know of.” The officer searched the car and found a clear baggie containing cannabis. The man was placed under arrest.

June 4, West Colonial Drive. Around 8 a.m., an officer responded to a call about a reckless driver on West Colonial Drive in the area of Deer Isle Road. The responding officer located a driver operating a vehicle speeding at 74 mph in a 45-mph speed zone. The driver continuously swerved in and out of its lane of travel, jerking quickly to return to their lane. The officer, who began following the speeding vehicle, attempted to conduct a traffic stop several times using the lights and siren in shorts spurts, however, it was not until the officer activated his siren continuously that the driver finally looked back and began to slow down her vehicle. Once the officer approached the vehicle, the officer asked the female driver to exit the vehicle. The driver staggered and nearly fell, but grabbed the door frame to regain her balance. Noticing her lack of stability and the odor of alcohol emanating from her breath, the officer asked if she would perform a sobriety test. The driver agreed but failed to conduct the exercises per the instructions were given and was transported to a DUI testing center where she provided breath samples resulting in 0.125 and 0.130.


May 30, East Sixth Avenue. Around 1 a.m., an officer conducting speed enforcement on Conroy Windermere Road spotted a vehicle speeding at approximately 53 mph and swerving side to side. When the driver of the vehicle approached a roundabout, the driver struggled and the officer conducted a traffic stop. Upon making contact with the driver, the officer requested the male driver’s paperwork. The driver had trouble finding his documents, so the officer assisted him. The officer then asked the driver to do sobriety exercises, which the driver failed to perform adequately. The driver was transported to a DUI testing center where he refused to take a breath test.


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