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A Winter Garden woman allegedly spent three hours in a pharmacy store in an attempt to steal merchandise and an Ocoee man tried to get away with getting a free manicure and pedicure.

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April 13, Stoneybrook West Parkway. At 8 p.m., Winter Garden police were dispatched to the intersection of Stoneybrook West Parkway and Roberson Road due to a report of a driver who was swerving and speeding. Officers found the vehicle and its occupant, who was standing by the open driver door, behind a Lowe’s. The man attempted to drive away as police approached, but the officer activated his lights and walked up to the vehicle. The officer found the man scrolling on his phone on a social media site and detected the smell of alcohol while noticing beer cans in plain view. When the officer asked for the man’s documents, the man produced his license and insurance card. The officer again asked for the vehicle registration, and the man looked at the officer with a blank look. So the officer asked again, and the man checked his glove box to find a paper that he handed the officer. The paper was a service bill for a vehicle repair. The officer conducted a field sobriety exercise, which the man failed. The man refused to conduct a breath test and was charged with a DUI.

April 16, 3215 block of Daniels Road. At 12:52 p.m., an officer observed a car with two occupants driving without seat belts and attempted to stop the vehicle, but the vehicle pulled into a Bed, Bath & Beyond parking lot. Both occupants exited their car as the officer pulled in behind their car. The driver admitted he knew his license was suspended. The officer walked around the vehicle and noticed a spoon with a brown substance in it, which later tested positive for Heroin. As the officer looked inside the car, the driver stood up, but the officer commanded him to sit back down. The officer attempted to place the driver under arrest, but he immediately stood up and pulled away from the officers and began yelling and trying to escape. After the driver was secured in handcuffs, he was searched. A syringe cap was found in his pocket. It was also discovered that the car did not belong to either occupant and the tag had been altered to read August 8, rather than March 3. Methamphetamine was also found in the vehicle. 


April 11, 10179 block of West Colonial Drive. At 7:30 p.m., an officer was dispatched to a nail salon in reference to a possible theft. The co-owner of the nail salon informed the officer a man wearing pink shorts, a bluish green T-shirt, a blue hat and sandals had received a manicure and pedicure but did not pay. The man, the complainant said, had fallen asleep in a chair for approximately three hours while he was being serviced. When he eventually woke up, he walked out of the salon and the co-owner stopped him in the parking lot. The man told the co-owner he left his wallet in the car and would retrieve it but did not return. The services provided amounted to $38. Hours later, a witness to the events in the nail salon noticed the man at a nearby restaurant and notified the bartender of his suspected theft. Minutes later, the man was witnessed walking out of the restaurant without paying for his drinks or meal after his card was declined, and the bartender notified police. An officer found the man at a bus stop and questioned him. Upon being questioned, the man stated he was unsure and couldn’t remember if he paid the nail salon and wasn’t aware his credit card was declined at the restaurant. 


April 14, Park Avenue. At 9:20 p.m., an officer traveling on Park Avenue witnessed a vehicle speeding at 53 mph and initiated a traffic stop. Upon the officer’s approach, the driver placed the keys on the roof of the car and extended both of his hands outside the window. The officer asked if the driver had a driver’s license, and the man informed it had been taken during a car accident. The officer asked if his license had been suspended, and the man replied he was not sure. It was discovered the man’s license had been suspended nine times. When asked again, the man said he was aware his license was confiscated during his previous crash because it had been suspended. The man was arrested and the car was left in the possession of his son.

April 16, Main Street. At 3:50 a.m., an officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that had failed to make a complete stop at the intersection of Main Street and Chase Road. The driver was unable to locate the vehicle’s registration or his car insurance information. While the driver searched for his documentation, the officer detected the smell of cannabis and asked the driver if there was marijuana in the car. The driver stated there was, retrieved it from the center console and handed it to the officer. The items included a clear plastic baggie with a green leafy substance, a small brown unmarked prescription bottle, a metal cannabis grinder and a glass smoking pipe. The substances were placed into evidence and the man was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.


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