Observer All-Area teams: Softball

The top softball players from around the Observer-coverage area showed out despite a shortened season.

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  • | 2:23 p.m. April 22, 2020
Olympia’s Cameryn Orland
Olympia’s Cameryn Orland
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Although West Orange’s student-athletes have had their year cut short because of the coronavirus pandemic, it doesn’t mean their hard work should not be recognized.

That’s why the Observer is presenting the latest in its series of All-Area teams. This week, we’re honoring the best in softball.



Holly Heath, Windermere High, junior

Stats: .400 Avg, .471 OBP, 12 RBIs; 1.28 ERA, 49 IP, 6-2 record, 33 Ks, 1.14 WHIP

Quick Hit: Heath was the ultimate double threat for Windermere. She was strong for the Wolverines both in the circle and at the plate and led the team in multiple categories.

Hannah Harper, TFA, sophomore

Stats: .511 Avg, .549 OBP, 13 RBIs; 2.20 ERA, 64 IP, 10-2 record, 61 Ks  

Quick Hit: At the plate, Harper was one of the Royals’ top hitters, while in the circle, she scorched batters by tossing 61 strikeouts.

Ailey Schyck, West Orange, sophomore

Stats: .517 Avg, 15 RBIs, 15 hits, two homers, 61 putouts

Quick Hit: No one put bat to ball quite like Schyck, who led the team in average, RBIs and homers.

Alyssa Tillman, Legacy Charter, senior 

Ailey Schyck, West Orange
Ailey Schyck, West Orange

Stats: .481 Avg, .533 OBP, five RBIs, 12 runs, 13 hits, eight extra-base hits

Quick Hit: The Eagles’ leading hitter (by average and hits), Tillman was a constant threat to reach base throughout the season.

Chrissy Fleming, Windermere High, senior

Stats: .500 Avg, .568 OBP, nine RBIs, 14 runs

Quick Hit: A leader on a talented Wolverines team, Fleming led her side in average and OBP.

Shannon Weems, Olympia, freshman 

Stats: .607 Avg, 1.00 fielding percentage; 2.23 ERA, 41 Ks.

Quick Hit: Weems was the ultimate weapon for Olympia as the freshman hit for a whopping .607 average, held down a perfect fielding percentage and tossed 41 strikeouts from the circle.

Sophia Smith, Foundation Academy, seventh grade

Stats: .500 Avg, five RBIs; 2.41 ERA, 3-1 record, 21 Ks, 20.1 IP

Quick Hit: Although Smith hit for .500 at the plate, it was in the circle where Smith dominated — leading the team in ERA, pitching record, strikeouts and innings pitched.

Faith Campopiano, Windermere High, senior

Stats: .385 Avg, .485 OBP, 12 RBIs; 1.10 ERA, 1.10  WHIP, 12.2 IP, 2-0 record, 16 Ks

Quick Hit: Campopiano was a big-time weapon for Windermere. She not only hit well but also dominated in the circle for the Wolverines.

Mariana Alemany, TFA, senior 

Stats: .455 Avg, .489 OBP, 16 RBIs, two HR

Quick Hit: All around, Alemany was one of the most dominant hitters in the area — picking up a staggering 16 RBIs and .455 average through just 12 games.



Jordan Hartman, Dr. Phillips, junior

Stats: .429 Avg, .571 OBP, 10 RBIs, nine runs; 4.69 ERA, 2-1 record, nine appearances, 54 strikeouts, 34.1 IP

Cameryn Orland, Olympia, junior

Stats: .628 Avg, .917 fielding percentage

Mollie Duling, TFA, freshman

Stats: .467 Avg. .585 OBP, 11-11 on stolen bases

Camille Mackedon, TFA, sophomore 

Stats: .462 Avg, .489 OBP, 15 RBIs, 2 HR

Lexi King, Windermere Prep, eighth grade 

Stats: 3.45 ERA, 58 IP, 3-3 record, 81 Ks, one shutout

Meredith Workman, Windermere Prep, junior 

Stats: .565 Avg, five RBIs, 10 stolen bases

Aliyah Headen, Dr. Phillips, senior

Stats: .474 Avg, seven RBIs, 13 runs 

Sarah Vance, Foundation Academy, seventh grade

Stats: .538 Avg, six RBIs, 11 runs

Bryce Adkinson, West Orange, senior

Stats: .484 Avg, nine RBIs, 15 hits



Cassidy Mills, Dr. Phillips, junior

Stats: .440 Avg, six RBIs, 12 runs, nine stolen bases in nine attempts

Camryn Siemer, West Orange, senior

Stats: .444 Avg, five RBIs, two extra-base hits, nine stolen bases in nine attempts

Zoie Pistel, Olympia, junior 

Stats: .555 Avg, .900 fielding percentage.

Riley Fromberg, West Orange, senior

Stats: 3.83 ERA, 4-3 record, one complete game, one perfect game, one save, 21 strikeouts

Natalia Velez, Windermere High, senior

Stats: .433 Avg, .500 OBP, 13 runs

Sophia Rando, Dr. Phillips, freshman

Stats: .462 Avg, six RBIs, 12 runs

Raya Meredith, Legacy Charter, sophomore

Stats: .353 Avg, seven RBIs, 13 runs; 6.59 ERA, 2-3 record, 40 strikeouts

Brianna Smith, Ocoee, freshman

Stats: .478 Avg, eight RBIs, two runs; 2.80 ERA, 21 Ks, 20 IP

Madison Workman, Windermere Prep, junior

Stats: .525 Avg, seven RBIs, eight stolen bases



Gaby Lindsey, Ocoee,  sophomore

Stats: .435 Avg, nine RBIs, eight runs

Brooke Pruim, Legacy Charter, junior

Stats: .412 Avg, .444 OBP, seven RBIs, three extra-base hits

Katie Bonnett, TFA, junior

Stats: .463 Avg. .511 OBP, eight RBIs

Emma Koehler, West Orange, freshman

Stats: 3.00 ERA, 2-1 record, one save, seven strikeouts

Piper Hofmann, Windermere Prep, freshman

Stats: .350 Avg, nine RBIs, six extra-base hits, six stolen bases


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