Sports Spotlight: Jasmynne Gibson, West Orange High girls basketball

West Orange freshman Jasmynne Gibson already is finding success on the hardwood.

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  • | 11:02 a.m. December 21, 2020
Courtesy of Thomas Lightbody/TK Photography
Courtesy of Thomas Lightbody/TK Photography
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There have been challenges in adjusting to the high school game, but West Orange freshman Jasmynne Gibson already is finding success on the court for the Warriors girls basketball team. So far this season, she is averaging more than 10 points per game and leads the team in rebounding.

When did you first get into basketball?

Around third grade — mostly because my brother was playing, so I just started playing with him, and I started to like it.

What is it about basketball that you enjoy so much?

The action, the bonding with teammates — though mostly the action. I’m a competitor, so I like to compete against other teams.

What’s your favorite thing about playing power forward? The toughest part?

My favorite part about that position is probably the looks from my teammates — I can just set a pick and roll, and it’s a wide-open lane for me. And the hardest part would probably be rebounding against other defenders. 

What is the toughest part about basketball in general?

If I do something wrong or I mess up, I will get super mad. I’ll miss and I get mad, and it’ll mess up the next play — I let my emotions get in the way; that’s the hardest part for me.

How do you get past those challenging times?

I’ll think to myself, “It’s fine — everyone misses — you got it the next play.” Or my teammates will come and say, “You’re good, you got it, just make it up the next time.”

What were your expectations coming into your first high school season?

At first, I didn’t really have high expectations, because I was new to all of this — I didn’t even know what to expect. But I think for my first year, I’m really liking it — I’m doing really good — so I think it exceeded my expectations.

Did you have any goals you were hoping to achieve in this first high school season?

(Picking up) double-doubles — I’m working toward that; that was my goal coming into the season.

How’s the season for you so far during this strange season?

Good, but can be better. Some games I play (well), some games could be better, but I want to be able to play consistent all the time.

What’s been the biggest adjustment that’s been challenging in your first season at WOHS?

Playing against people who are better. In middle school ... you don’t play with a bunch of people who are D1 and all that, and then in high school, you’re jumping into a different skill level — a bunch of people who are better and who have better skills than you do.


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