COPS CORNER 01.30.17

One motorcyclist fled from Oakland police, and an intoxicated female driver collided into a tree in Winter Garden.

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  • | 6:55 p.m. January 30, 2017
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Jan. 19, East Newell and North Woodland Streets: Officers responded to reports of a vehicle that was turned over on the driver's side with a female moving inside. When officers arrived, the female driver was found standing next to the overturned vehicle and questioned. The female driver stated she was not on the phone when the incident happened and she did not know how the incident occurred and added she is unfamiliar with Winter Garden's streets. Based on the responding officer's investigation of the surrounding property, the officer deduced the driver had driven over the curb and collided with the tree, causing her car to turn over. It was later discovered the driver had a suspended license. When the officer issued a citation, the female driver grew upset and raised her voice at the officer, alerting the officer to the smell of alcohol on her breath. The driver was then charged with a DUI.


Jan. 11, 10500 block of W. Colonial Drive: A woman shopping at Walmart was observed stealing $78.64 worth of merchandise via security camera footage. The woman was seen selecting a pair of earrings and placing them on her ears, She was also witnessed removing price tags from additional jewelry, cosmetic and clothing items. All the items were then concealed in her purse, and she attempted to pass all points of sale without purchasing the items. She was stopped by a security officer and told to return all the stolen items before being arrested for petit theft.

Jan. 12, 10500 block of W. Colonial Drive: A male Walmart shopper, with the help of surveillance footage, was caught attempting to steal a Google Chromecast device worth $35. The would-be thief was seen concealing the device inside a rolled-up comforter set. He then proceeded to pay for the comforter alone. When exiting the store, he was approached by a Walmart Loss Prevention officer and told to return the items. During the confrontation, the man said he had simply forgotten to pay for the item. He was subsequently arrested for petit theft.


Jan. 11, West Colonial Drive: A patrol officer was notified of a motorcyclist recklessly driving over the speed limit heading toward his direction. Once the motorcycle driver arrived at his location, the officer activated his vehicle's lights and siren to perform a traffic stop, however, the motorcycle driver accelerated to a speed more than 100 MPH. As there was a lot of traffic and the motorcycle started fleeing toward the turnpike, the officer stopped pursuit and the offending motorcyclist got away. However, using the FL tag number and surveillance video at a Kangaroos Express police knew the man had visited minutes before, Oakland police obtained his name, address and photo. Law enforcement then filed charges against the driver.


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