OCPS confirms 29 COVID-19 cases after four days of face-to-face instruction

Schools with positive cases include Keene's Crossing Elementary, Lakeview Middle School, Ocoee Middle School, Southwest Middle School, Spring Lake Elementary and Sunset Park Elementary.

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Orange County Public Schools has reported 21 student cases of COVID-19 since face-to-face classes resumed Friday, Aug. 21.

Of those, there were 13 student cases on 11 campuses, which include four West Orange- and Southwest Orange-area schools: 

John Young Elementary
College Park Middle
Sunset Park Elementary
East River High
Lakeview Middle
Piedmont Lakes Middle
Rock Springs Elementary
Spring Lake Elementary
Ocoee Middle
Northlake Park Community School 
University High 

The district also reported eight school-based employees tested positive at the following schools, which includes three West Orange- and Southwest Orange-area schools: 

Southwest Middle
Keene’s Crossing Elementary

Bonneville Elementary
Lake Como K8
Lakeville Elementary
Clay Springs Elementary
Pineloch Elementary
Spring Lake Elementary 

The parents of the students on those campuses have received notification from their principals. According to the Department of Health, there are no school-based transmissions at this point. Rather, they are community-based incidents.

The Orange County School Board also has updated the district's face-covering policy. Changes include additional requirements for a medical waiver allowing for a face mask exemption and prohibiting masks with a respirator valve. Neck gaiters and neck buffs no longer are acceptable face coverings.



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