Tildenville teacher comforted with care package

Music teacher Jenna Vincitore had to say goodbye to her military husband when he was deployed, but co-workers eased the parting with a basket of thoughtful gifts.

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Saying goodbye to a spouse because of military deployment is never easy, but one local teacher’s coworkers came together in a thoughtful way to make the departure more bearable.

Jenna Vincitore is in her third year of teaching music at Tildenville Elementary School. When her colleagues learned of her husband’s upcoming deployment, they immediately collected some pampering necessities and placed them in a decorative basket.

Vincitore said her phone rang a few weeks ago, and it was Jessica Rose, the PTA treasurer, on the other end of the line. Rose, who lives near Vincitore in Horizon West, said she had something for her and was dropping it off at her house.

“She said, ‘This is from the PTA; we know it’s really hard because your husband is gone,’” Vincitore said.

“It was a total surprise to me,” she said. “They knew my husband was leaving for a long-term deployment, and they wanted to be nice and show appreciation.”

The woven basket included a white fuzzy blanket and fuzzy socks, Hershey’s Kisses, tubs of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, a framed photo of the couple, gift card for Starbucks and a card that read, “I know this can’t replace your husband, but coffee always helps.”

Even Brandi the dog received her own toy in the basket.

“I started crying; it was so cute,” Vincitore said. “I felt super loved and super appreciated.”

Cody and Jenna Vincitore were married last December.
Cody and Jenna Vincitore were married last December.

Tildenville’s PTA posted on its Facebook page: “Today our lovely music teacher, Mrs. Vincitore, had to say goodbye to her husband, who left on a long-term deployment with the Navy. The PTA presented her with a care package of some of her favorite things to let her know just how much her Tildenville family loves her. Our thoughts and prayers are with her husband as he bravely serves our country and with her as she continues to love and serve our Tigers.”

“It was all PTA,” Vincitore said. “They did it all open their own accord. And it was really, really cool. It just meant a lot. They didn’t know the impact they would have  — and even now I’m like, ‘Thank you so much.’”

She and her husband, Cody, met while they were students at Sarasota High School. After graduation, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and she earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Central Florida and her master’s degree from Florida State University.

The two eventually brought their lives together, dated, planned a wedding during the pandemic and got married last Dec. 20.

“I was like, ‘Nothing is stopping us,’” Vincitore said.

Cody Vincitore has five years of active duty — and has been stationed in Kansas and Japan — and three years in the Navy reserves.





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